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  1. charlestonsailing

    MUSC Accelerated BSN-MSN

    I am almost finished with the first semester at MUSC. My PA was low around a 3 ish. #.2 I think but I had all A's and only one B in the required prereq courses. I had a 34 on the ACT. I hear the test score requirement is going away bit that is just rumor. I had been an EMT for a couple years at application. I was an alternate who got offered a spot. A lot of people say the essay matters but I can't imagine that it does. It was limited to 100 words. They are heavily pushing the DNP program on us but my understanding is that part of the DNP is your MSN as a NP.
  2. charlestonsailing

    Healthcare reform

    I think you're right regards interstate commerce. They will also use the incorrectly applied general welfare clause. After thought on it my guess is that it will hold up. Not because it fits into one of the enumerated powers of the fed( which in case no one knows is what made our country unique) but because the court has ruled so many times in the past allowing expansion beyond limits. I've said for years goverment medicine is a matter of when not if. It reminds me of Atlas Shrugged. Call me crazy but seeing as how they have been unable to run anything well I just don't see them suddenly scoring a home run in medicine. But such is life.
  3. charlestonsailing

    All I want for Christmas is a single payer plan!

    Seems to me like we went the wrong way. I just don't understand why we do things to limit competition, remove all concept of shopping for cost and magically attach health care to employers to further reduce consumer choice and then wonder why it's screwed up. Why does the price of most things fo down but not healthcare?
  4. charlestonsailing

    Healthcare reform

    I haven't read it. I've heard the pundits talk about people required to buy insurance. In your case the talking heads have talked about subsidies for those making under 80000. Not sure if that is true. In any case I can't imagine the supreme court ruling that it is constitutional forbthe fed to require a private citezen purchase anything. That will be a first in our nation. I know a lot of people try to say that auto insurance mandates are the same but anyone who thinks logically about the two will see yje flaw in the analogy. Namely that a person can live their entire life without auto insurance if they choose not to drive on public roads.
  5. charlestonsailing

    Healthcare reform

    Just curious but have any of us actually read the bill?? I know our senators didn't before they voted. I just have trouble trusting any bill that only passed due to backroom dealmaking and virtual bribes. I haven't read it either just wondering I'd those who are stating strong opinions have.
  6. charlestonsailing

    New national nurses union forms

    I don't think a legitimate link can be drawn between the boom bust cycles of the economy and rich CEOs. The link can be drawn to fractional banking but not businessmen in general. I am a nursing student and to be honest I was not aware that there was such a big union movement in nursing. That is probably due to living in a strong anti-union state. I will learn more about the union but in general, I have always been of the feeling that unions tend to help the weak in a profession at the expense of the strong. I'll be the first to say I have no nursing experience to directly base my comments off, however I have worked in the steel industry which is heavily union. While I didn't really like my employer I can say that when the union mills were sending employees to unemployment due to inflexible contracts that made competing in a heavily international industry difficult, we were running strong. My experience in the military is also similar to a union environment were seniority rather than proficiency is rewarded. Hopefully nursing is a different environment and as I said I'll keep an open mind.
  7. charlestonsailing

    MUSC Accelerated BSN

    No I am one of the ones who start in January. I'm 36 and at the mini orientation I figure if I am not the oldest, I'm in the top 3 for sure. Most people were in there mid to late 20s. At 31 I doubt you would be the old lady.
  8. charlestonsailing

    MUSC Accelerated BSN

    I also hear how important the essay is but not from anyone at the university. I can't really believe anything limited to 100 words could be that important. Mine was exactly 100 words. Maybe thats why I was not initially selected. I don't know. 100 words is a dumb limit and I have worked on college admissions before. If I get a chance to comment on the application process to the school that is my big issue. 300 to 500 seems reasonable in that a person can express themselves fully but it isn't too much of a burden on the school. Best of Luck to you guys!
  9. charlestonsailing

    MUSC Accelerated BSN

    Thanks for the replys. Right now I am staying at home with my girl and going to school at night after my wife comes home. Just trying to figure out what I'll need to do next semester. Sounds like I will need to have her in daycare by then.
  10. charlestonsailing

    MUSC Accelerated BSN

    I am an applicant for spring start. Does anyone know what the schedule is like first semester??? I am a stay at home dad right now while I work on prereqs and we are trying to figure out daycare for when(yeah I wish I were that confidant) IF I get in.
  11. charlestonsailing

    Presidental Health Care Advisor - Thoughts on Healthcare

    What gets lost in all of this is that the system isn't as good as it should be. Even overlooking the uninsured and problems the administration talks about we all know there are real problems. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to me that the administration or congress really wants to attempt to fix those problems (many of which were created by the government) but instead are so convinced that an eventual single payer system is what we HAVE to go to. So in my opinion the democrats aren't really interested in rolling up their sleeves and finding workable middle ground answers. At the same time, the republicans didn't even want to talk about health care when they were in control. They could have done something then before it got so bad. So I can't stand the constant obstruction by the republicans. It doesn't seem like they are very interested in getting to work on finding a real solution either. I haven't heard many alternatives proposed. There have been a few but has there actually beeen a plan given by the republicans??? If so, i'd love someone to point me to it. As someone who has followed politics actively for a long time, I am so frustrated with what I see in washington. First of all, they have dramatically gone outside the chains that were supposed to be placed on them. Right or wrong there was a proper way to expand the role of federal government and it wasn't done. Both parties have done this. From Reagan's drug war and massive deficits to Obama's auto takeover and massive deficits. I don't believe a thing I am told by them anymore. I don't have any respect for them anymore. I just don't even know what any of us should do about it. There is no one worth voting for anymore. The only people that I'd consider are generally not viable contenders for any office anyways. Besides that it seems like most of the country is too busy lining up on opposing sides and trying to yell over each other that they don't really even stop to look at both sides points anymore. So my lonely vote doesn't really have much pull. Strange days indeed!
  12. charlestonsailing

    career change to nursing the right choice?

    It is intersting to hear from the pilots changing careers. When I got out of the Navy over 5 years ago I was sure I wanted to be a commercial pilot. I had dreamed of it all my life. I got a job that would allow me to work on the ratings pretty hard and was trucking through. Finished my Private and was building time for instrument when one day it hit me, man you pilots live a rough life. I love the view out the window but my god I was making a 6 figure income. I decided I would treat work as a job and just go where the money was. I staid with my 6 figure job and have been one big ball of grumpy almost ever since. Actually it probably got bad when I sold my little C150 as it was no longer a training item but a pure toy. Finally the economy took a nose dive and I am making about 60% of last years income. I decided we can live on less money and I love the part time work I do as an EMT. So here I am. 9 days from leaving my company to hit school full time. I too hope that I can someday get into an advanced practice area and make some money again. I'd love to get back to flying someday but I want it to be in something a bit more substantial than a 150.
  13. charlestonsailing

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    Hello Everyone. Another male career changer here. I became an EMT about two years ago and enjoy that part of my job. It is only a side duty at an industrial facility and I don't get to spend much time playing EMT. I have been terribly unhappy in my current field of electrical maintenance and automation. I feel absolutly crazy leaving a good paying job to go back to school fulltime at age 35...almost 36. My wife is supportave as can be and can afford to have me go to school. I leave work in August to finish my last prereqs fulltime. Hoping to start nursing school in January. Taking a leap with both feet here not having been accepted yet and planning to leave anyway. Such is life. I am making sure to not burn any bridges on the way out and the county is always hiring for full time EMTs if I don't get into school in January. Very odd being a male planning to enter nursing. Maybe I will go buy a Harley to toughen up my image first LOL!