MUSC Acc BSN Program Questions

  1. I got my acceptance two weeks ago for the Medical University of South Carolina's Accelerated BSN program and will start in January 2009. Yay! I have been working my finances diligently since and am now running into some logistical questions. If anyone has been in this program can you help?

    My biggest question is the parking issue. I live in Ladson so that's quite a commute (and one I don't like dealing with - I-26 in the mornings is not my idea of fun). I have been toying with the idea of taking the CARTA express to downtown. Is this feasible with nursing school? I've looked at the schedules online, would this work with clinicals? If not, I assume I need a parking pass but where?
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  3. by   BestSweetGal
    Congrats! I'm interested in enrolling in the ABSN program in fall 2009. Trying to get my stuff in before deadline (Nov)..pray for me, lol.

    How hard was it to get in? I know it's more competitive now since they no longer require GRE. Are you coming from high school or you have a prior degree? Do they really based it on your SATs/ACTs? I took mine like 7,8 years ago and they're not really that hot, but I'm a LPN and I have all my pre-reqs, and I have a bachelors, and I have prior nursing(RN) courses from another institution
  4. by   live4rachael
    Oh I graduated the first time around back in 2000; my SAT scores were from 1995! I had to take 3 pre-reqs at Trident Tech (A&P I/II and microbiology) in the last year but had everything else already done with my first degree. I had about 60 hours of volunteer experience at MUSC from a couple of years ago... I was able to apply via priority admission, my SAT scores were just there.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   Annaiya
    I commute from Summerville and it isn't too bad. I spend about 2 to 3 hours a day between driving and the shuttle bus from the parking lot. It is free to park in the Hagood lot, but you have to get there by 7:30 to be sure you get a spot. You can do the buses they work fine, but I found it wasn't worth it. It took me 30-35 min to get to the bus stop (then 30-40 min bus ride) and I can be downtown in 40-45 min. If you're a morning person this will be fine I was worried about parking too, but it really isn't a big issue, just have to get there early.

    Oh, and in case you don't know, it's free to ride the bus with your student ID.
  6. by   live4rachael
    Thank you so much! You've been VERY helpful!!!!

    I did know it was free to ride the bus - that was just another reason I was hoping to make it work but it doesn't seem like the best option after all.

    How far along are you in the program? Any other bits of advice?
  7. by   AntonellaB
    Could someone tell me how expensive is to study at MUSC? I am planning to continue onto my Masters in Nursing after I become an RN. If you work at MUSC does the employer reimburses you for educational expenses?

    Thanks a lot.:wink2:
  8. by   live4rachael
    Here's a link to the tuition/fees page. I can't speak for whether you get reimbursed as an employee though.
  9. by   bree4bryce
    I started this program Aug 08 (just finishing 1st semester)! I also live in summerville. I know a faculty member who uses the carta express from K-mart on rivers. I just drive down Dorchester Rd. I leave every day at 630am. As for parking don't worry about the 730am thing and Hagood, if that fills up they send you across the street to Joe Riley parking. And if that fills up they give you a ticket to park in the garage on campus (but don't wait around for that because it rarely happens and you'll be later to class by then).
    By the way, the program is crazy disorganized so don't feel like you are the only one.
  10. by   BestSweetGal
    Bree4Bryce...I plan to attend MUSC Accl. program...can you tell me...what's so disorganized about the program? Also, how are the instructors and their teaching styles...and do you have more than one instructor for one class and they are completely different and your tests are not what you expected?
  11. by   bree4bryce
    Don't always trust the schedule posted on the website. Your clinical can be T/R at 645-145 or R 3-9 and you don't really have a choice unless someone switches with you. Your labs can be any day M-R at anytime outside of scheduled lectures and again, if someone can switch with you then you can. The disorganization isn't so bad if you are single just don't commit to a work schedule until after you start.
    Plus the due dates for things change and sometimes you aren't sure when things need to be done. There is a lot of busy paperwork.
    And when they say accellerated, they mean accellerated.
    With all that being said...I survived and don't hate the program so far.
  12. by   live4rachael
    We just had our intro. meeting yesterday to start in January. We got to meet most of the instructors and had some 1st semester and 4th semester students come and talk to us.

    The schedule changes I had expected... and we were even offered the opportunity to sign up if we were interested in nighttime clinicals. I thought it was great we could make a preference.
  13. by   RosesRN
    Fall 2009 MUSC applicants...heard anything yet?
  14. by   BestSweetGal
    No...haven't heard anything yet.