Sooo excited!


I just received a letter the other day from the Red Cross, letting me know that I was accepted into their Nursing Assistant program, and the classes start July 9th! That's soo soon, but I have a feeling it's going to go by very slow because I just want to start now- I'm so excited!!!! I'll be applying to LPN schools this fall to hopefully get in for Fall '08....and I'm really glad that I decided to sign up for CNA classes to get the experience. This is what I've always wanted to do and I can't believe I'm actually going to do it. Just wanted to share the good news. :monkeydance:


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Congratulations on being accepted into the CNA program and lots of luck!!!!!


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Thanks a lot!! :monkeydance:

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Congratulations I hope everything goes well!!!


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good luck, you will get the experience and when you take the class, things will be familiar to you


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Congrats, the CNA experience WILL help you in LPN school, I know it saved my butt SOOO many times this last semester, and other nursing students will ask for help too which gives you teaching experience as well. Good luck


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Congrat's To You Dreamyeyes,

I Know It's A Great Feelin To You Just AS It Was For Me When I First Was Accepted Into My Cna Class. This Is My Last Week Of Clinicals And Boyyy Did The Time Pass By Fast.

You Will Do Wonderful!!!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!


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THat is sooo great dreamy eyes! I am experiencing the same thing! I was finally accepted in my cna classes while i attend nursing school for my rn! I always felt that it was never going to happen, because Most of my life I always wanted to be a nurse! I went to school and graduated with A.S. in medical assisting and felt like a failure because I could never find a job! But I am on the right path i think so again congrats to u and we both be successful nurses one day!:cheers: :wink2:


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Thanks everyone!!! :smiley_aa And congrats soon2benurse1! :yeah:


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Congrats! Hope you have a great experience and become a wonderful CNA!!!!!!!!!!

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