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I just got my newsletter from the board today and I am lost. I do not understand what it is about. I have read it twice, I still don't understand it!

Somebody, anybody, please explain this letter to me!

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I'm lost, too, because you didn't say what it contained.

The newsletter is entitled boards revise scope of practice and delegation models for RN/LPN. I just do not get what the questions mean? I never delegate some issues to a LPN or CNA, even when there is a protocol to cover it, some patients needs assessed by the RN and frequently. If in the course of doing their usual duties either the LPN or CNA notice a issue then I expect them to report it to the RN. It talks about current skills, reasonable and prudent acts, and etc. Some of this is just not clear to me. Maybe I am out of touch, but certain issues are always the responsibility of the RN and certain ones fall to LPN or CNA's. I NEVER leave meds at bedside. I NEVER take the word of the CNA if she reports a elevated temp or BP. I always check myself. That way we each have a back up. I was taught so much in school and learned so much when I first started in nursing, maybe I expect the same of new nurses. If they don't know then I expect them to say they don't know and get help, guidence, practice from the staff. Why anybody would proceed in unsafe situations is beyond me. I just don't understand what they are going for. While I will admit to bending a few rules, I have stayed within National Nursing Standards. Like applying 02 when I have no order but pt is having chest pain, getting an EKG, and putting in a IV med lock for possible use. I will get a CBC, blood culture and Urine culture if a patient spikes a temp and then call for orders. these are just two situations I can think of off the top of my head. I have also made a patient NPO when they start projectile vomiting, called doctor for orders. I usually put an IV med lock in them too. Check emesis for occult blood. Stool too. Little things. I do glucose checks if a patient starts complaining of feeling shakey and has a family hx of DM. I guess I just think a nurse should be doing certain things to insure patients are getting all the care they need. If anybody gets the gest of this newsletter, please advise me. I am lost.

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Maybe the newsletter is just to serve as a reminder for what's allowed and what's not?

Brian, ASN, RN

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What board are you referring to??? The board???

It is not a newsletter from It may have been a thread notification reminder that you asked for or replied to a thread?? But without the specifics, I really can't comment. Are you sure it came from Can you copy the entire contents of the email and post it here so we can clear this up. Thanks

Sorry Brian,

I was referring to the state BON newsletter. I keep reading it for a clue, but still don't understand what it is they are going for. I guess I am just too thick headed to understand.

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wva sbon newsletter: spring 2005 - number 46

contents: new scope of practice and delegation models

| focus groups to talk about the nurse practice act | board agenda items

Got this newsletter figured out. Now on to other things.

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