So, it's Summer. How do I not lose "it."


A little background: I'm in a 3 year BSN program, so I am fortunate enough to have a 2 month summer break at the end of each school year. Do any of you veteran/super students have any tips on how to keep nursing skills and knowledge fresh? I thought about purchasing an NCLEX review book, but I've noticed that I really lack the discipline to sit down and "force" myself to study for an hour or two every day. (maybe my problem in itself is that, lol. nonetheless, any advice would be be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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No real advice. Just enjoy the break.


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If you don't want to read, watch the videos that are usually included with the online version of your nursing books. Mine had cd's also.


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How about an nclex app on your phone. Then you can just make a goal to pop on it and do a few questions at a time. That's one way I keep things fresh. Sometimes I do 10 questions sometimes I do 50.


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There are apps even on facebook that will pop up on your timeline, with NCLEX style questions. After my psych nursing class is over I will have a month off before Fall and I plan to review labs and do some dosage calculations. Other than that I plan on relaxing and working some extra shifts to pay Fall tuition!