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So scared about the math in my chem course this semester...

by Susanna23 Susanna23 (New) New

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes, I seriously feel like crying over this. It's something hard for people to believe I am so bad at math, but I really am. I excel in other areas except math. Everything else comes so easily to me and then there is the dreaded math. I sometimes wonder whether I have a math learning disability. It's just very difficult for me to do word problems in particular. That's my major weak area. I mean sometimes, I have to think twice, because I have taken two math courses in college and done exceptionally well. In high school, the farthest class I got in math was college algebra which I didn't do so well in. Weirdly enough, when I took my placement test for college, I did better in the college math, rather than the basic math. I took statistics in college which is required and it was very difficult in the beginning, but I studied, got a tutor, and really worked so hard. I end up passing the class with an A and a 99 on the final. I also took college algebra and trigonometry and recieved a B+ in that class. When I have discrete formulas I am to figure it out. However, when it's basic math or world problems it is so difficult. I really want so much to be a nurse and I am hard working student. I'm actually getting a bachelor's in nursing as my second degree. I am finishing my bachelor's in psychology while taking my prerequistites for nursing. I'm taking Chem I this semester which is general, organic, and biochemistry clumped into one , and was wondering whether my math issue was going to be a big hinderance in this area or becoming a nurse in general. Any suggestions would be helpful. Susanna:uhoh21:

Sounds to me that if you study hard enough you will do just fine. I think you need more confidence in yourself. If you need help... check with the teacher, or a tutor, or maybe even try and form a study group. And of course... you can always come here.

I know you will do just fine though!!! :icon_hug:

Good luck!!


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I agree; it sounds like you excel when faced with a challenge. I really don't think you have anything to worry about with the math used in Chemistry. It's really very basic algebra. Plus, your instructor is there to teach you that. I took Chemistry long before I ever took algebra (I have no idea why), and I ended up with an A in each course. With your background, I doubt you have anything to fear.

Good luck to you.


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I am terrible at math!!!! I actually think I have a math block or something. Anyway, if you have taken all those math courses you will do fine in Chemistry. The first time I tried to take chemistry I was in remedial math, and I ended up dropping. I just didn't get it at all. After I took algebra I took chemistry again and it wasn't that hard at all.


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If you did fine in algebra you will do fine in chemistry. There are a lot of word problems, but my advice would be to do practice problems over and over again. I found eventually after doing enough of them it would sort of "click" in my head and I would look at a problem and know what to do without having to spend a lot of time agonizing over it.

Good luck!


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So can you like explain your problem again?? I thought that you said that you are bad at math, but your grades don't show that. If you got an A in a math course, I think that you should apply yourself the same way you did in Statistics. I don't mean to come off harsh, but after the death of my father, I dropped out of high school in the 9th grade (my mother signed me out) and I failed my GED exam twice because I couldn't read well enough and I failed the math section. My professors also told me that I am border-line retarded, and that it would be better for me to go take art courses...because it would be easier...for me to understand. Up until this day, I cry about this....you have alot to be grateful for....RELAX.:uhoh3:

If you have not had college-level Algebra, then I would not recommend taking the chemistry, especially if you already know that you are a weak math student.


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Since you've already licked a college algebra class and a stats class, I wouldn't get too hung up on the math aspect of this chemistry course. When I think back to algebra, I think of things like factoring, completing the square, matrices, etc. Those operations generally have no applications in first-year college chemistry.

If they're planning on covering general, organic and biochemistry in one semester, I'm thinking that it's going to be what they call a "survey" course - one where they can't really get too in-depth about anything because it's such a broad overview. I can't imagine that you would need anything more than to know how to deal with pre-algebraic expressions (things like 3x = 36).

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I've taken a combo Biochem/Inorganic/Organic (5 unit) chem course and if its similar to your course, the math will truly not be that tough to deal with. Just a lot of conversion problems within dilutions and such. I'm sure you'll do fine! If you find yourself having trouble, always use prof. office hours! ;)

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