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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm just so completely embarrassed over last night. I had Chemistry lab, and we had to do something that should normally be simple, lighting a bunsen burner. Well, I've never used a match and I'm petrified of fire. I mean I have like a full fledged phobia. I was willing to manipulate the bunsen burner, but I just wanted someone to initially light the match and light the bunsen burner. Anyways, I called over the teacher's assistant and told him really politely my situation, and asked if he would willing to do that. Well, he just got so pissed off and said that I need to learn these things, I'm in college, and this is one of the most basic things in chemistry laboratories. However, he really said it so mean. It was uncalled for. He was just so upset at me. I felt so little and so embarrassed. I really should have gone to the professor, but I was so embarrassed. So I tried lighting the match and got it lit, but then freaked out, dropped it, and had blow it out right away. I mean I was having a full fledged panic attack and I almost started really crying. I know this may sound so trivial, but it really does scare me. So I went to another teacher's assistant and he was completely nice, and did it for me. I was fine after that. But then it was like every little thing I do the original teacher's assistant came over and yelled at me. I left my drawer open by accident and he got mad. But then, I was taking long when I had to do convertions. I wanted to get it right. I just felt so pressured because he came over and kept telling me to hurry up..he was getting mad. He's like with an attitude we'll be here till next morning. I did finish the lab which is the good thing, but I'm just worried all my labs will be like this. Susanna
  2. Hi Everyone, Sometimes, I seriously feel like crying over this. It's something hard for people to believe I am so bad at math, but I really am. I excel in other areas except math. Everything else comes so easily to me and then there is the dreaded math. I sometimes wonder whether I have a math learning disability. It's just very difficult for me to do word problems in particular. That's my major weak area. I mean sometimes, I have to think twice, because I have taken two math courses in college and done exceptionally well. In high school, the farthest class I got in math was college algebra which I didn't do so well in. Weirdly enough, when I took my placement test for college, I did better in the college math, rather than the basic math. I took statistics in college which is required and it was very difficult in the beginning, but I studied, got a tutor, and really worked so hard. I end up passing the class with an A and a 99 on the final. I also took college algebra and trigonometry and recieved a B+ in that class. When I have discrete formulas I am to figure it out. However, when it's basic math or world problems it is so difficult. I really want so much to be a nurse and I am hard working student. I'm actually getting a bachelor's in nursing as my second degree. I am finishing my bachelor's in psychology while taking my prerequistites for nursing. I'm taking Chem I this semester which is general, organic, and biochemistry clumped into one , and was wondering whether my math issue was going to be a big hinderance in this area or becoming a nurse in general. Any suggestions would be helpful. Susanna:uhoh21:
  3. Susanna23

    Any Nurses With Anxiety Disorders?

    Hi, Thanks to all of you for your input. I'm actually on medication prescribed by my psychiatrist and in therapy. I mean I'm doing wonderfully lately..it's like night and day. However, it's just the fear that it may hinder my progress in school that causes more anxiety. I usually talk with the professor in each class to make them aware that I may have to walk out to catch a breather. I feel trapped in the classroom and that contributes to my panic attacks. I've been exposing myself to situations that are very similar to those in a classroom, and I have been doing great. Despite, my fear, I have built alot of confidence this past year. Therapy and meds have helped alot. My school recommends I go on disability for my panic attacks. However, my therapist nor my psychiatrist are willing to write me documentation. They believe, that it will give me less incentive to overcome my anxiety. Any thoughts on this?? Susanna
  4. Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if anyone in this forum suffered from any form of an anxiety disorder. I have posttraumatic stress disorder and panic attacks can be quite troublesome. I had to withdraw from college two semester's ago because of my severe anxiety. I found it difficult to sit in a classroom without feeling any anxiety. On top of that I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which sometimes requires me to go to the bathroom quite often. I'm going back to school this fall and only taking two classes to quickly ease myself back into the college routine. My anxiety is like night and day. However, it is something I do still think about quite frequently. Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming anxiety in the classroom setting or if it would be of big hinderance in me doing well as a nurse? Any suggestions and answers would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum as I have thought long and hard as to what I plan to do with my future. I am a psychology major who is on the brink of graduating with her bachelor's in psychology. While, I do love psychology, I still have always loved the study of anything related to medicine. It has been a passion of mine for a long time. However, I had shyed away from it because as a child, I always had a negative stereotype regarding nurses due to certain things shown in the media, and as such felt the only way to go was to be a doctor. Due to my anxiety disorder, my dreams of becoming a doctor felt unreal. However, with that, I fell in love with psychology and helping others who have undergone similiar trials. Through therapy and meeting a friend now who is a medical nurse practioner, I was better informed about the career of nursing and became increasingly interested. Since then, I have done much research and I do feel it is the way to go. I feel as though it is what I was meant to do.I may consider psychiatric nurse practioning in the future. Since I do have to finish my bachelor's in psychology, I am finishing up my electives and as such decided to take my prenursing classes in place of those electives. I have always been a great student and put alot of determination and work into my schoolwork. The thing that continually frightens me though, is my anxiety which has greatly improved but is still there. It is the one thing that has held me back and I have made great strides towards proving that wrong. I continue to excel despite my limitations. Two semesters ago, due to my anxiety in classrooms, I had fallen behind in work and as such medically withdrew. I am returning this semester, and my advisor, doctor, therapist, and I have determined that it would be best that I only take two classes. I've decided on Anatomy and Physiology I and Chemistry I which includes general, organic, and biochemistry. My question is do you all think this is manageable considering my anxiety and if any others of you have endured anxious episodes during college, how was it dealt with? I have grown this past year, and despite my anxiety, I do feel confident my abilities, and will succeed in my future endeavors. :monkeydance:

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