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I had been working my 1st CNA job for a little over a month.During that time I reported 3 complaints with the DON.The last one I reported(a guest hadn't been changed all day until I got there at 2:30)He entire private area was beet red and blistered after sitting in urine and fecal matter.Magically the very next day I had a complaint filed agasint me.I was suspended(I supposely gave the finger to a guest) and was terminated even though it was unfounded.

I asked for a copy of the report and was told they do not do that.

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Welcome to the backhanded politics of the nursing profession.

You say that you are a newer CNA who had been working at this place for about one month. While you certainly did the right thing to report things and file complaints when you see something wrong, please realize that some coworkers and managers are going to resent you and view you as a future threat for doing so.

I guess at least I can sleep at night knowing I did the right thing...but it still sucks.

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Sometimes, you can have more success and actually help more people if you learn the political strategies of how to communicate about problems in the workplace in a way that lets you keep your job.

Speaking up about such problems is a good thing ... but if the way in which we speak up does not result in a positive change, we really haven't fixed the problem. The patients continue to suffer.

You're heart is in the right place. I hope you find a good job at a better place soon.

Can I ask if you followed the chain of command when you reported a problem? Some places are really strict when it comes to that. I know my former employer was and if you went to any higher ups with an issue without working your way up the chain they wouldn't even want to hear about your issue until you did so and would just throw you out of their office. Some people who continuously avoided the chain got a poor performance review because it was deemed they couldn't take initiative and solve their own problems.

Also as llg said it's all about how you communicate. As someone who dealt with employee issues (I was the 2nd link in the chain.) I can tell you that this is very important. You almost never want to present a problem without a solution to fix it. For example that patient who wasn't changed all day. Did you just burst in on the DON and start rambling a mile a minute about the situation and how that CNA was lazy and should be let go or did you approach the DON, sit down and calmly explain what you found and then suggest how it could be avoided in the future? You never want to come across as a tattletale or a whiner.

Going on that point another piece of advice is to pick and choose your battles. You will always encounter employees who are lazy as the day is long in every profession. If a patients rights or safety are being violated ALWAYS SPEAK UP! If some lazy CNA forgot to wash some stuff, or throw out some trash don't waste your breath. Is it right? Absolutely not! But, again it's about picking and choosing what's worth fighting for.

Please don't take my post as any from of attack or saying that you deserved to lose your job. You did not in anyway shape or form! You sound like a very caring and kindhearted person and you did do the right thing at the end of the day. It's just from being involved in the politics of management I thought I would offer a different point of view. I wish you the best of luck at a future position where this toxic work environment doesn't exist.

The 1st 2 complaints I did through the proper steps and got no where.I address the issue,not who was working or who didn't do whatever,I always kept it Guest related.

The last complaint I went through the steps and no one even wanted to come with me and look at this woman's bottom or give me suggestion on how to make her more comfortable since I tried everything I thought would give her some relief.

1st complaint was verbal abuse and humiliation of a guest

2nd one was a guest told me she was scared and feeling like she was being bullied by other aides.

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I am so sorry that you lost your job, that really sucks, especially since you were doing the right thing for your pts. They must not have any kind of confidentiality, or "open door" policy there.

Previous jobs I have worked we could always go and share our frustrations with management w/o fear of retaliation, which is a great policy to have.

I have worked behind a lot of lazy CNA's before, I would come to work and they would be extremely wet, like the one u mentioned. I would first speak to the CNA, people know when they're wrong, and really hate to be called out on it. That usually fixed the problem. I dont think they stopped being lazy, but they knew I wasnt going to stand for it, so they atleast did a last round. I also suggested we start doing rounds, meaning when I came on and received my assignment, me and the CNA getting off went around and checked all of our pts together, if there was a mess we cleaned it together, this worked out great.

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I also suggested we start doing rounds, meaning when I came on and received my assignment, me and the CNA getting off went around and checked all of our pts together, if there was a mess we cleaned it together, this worked out great.

I loved this. I worked weekends so the only problem I saw about this was people would show up 10-15 minutes late and the aide who had to wait would just leave or already be gone sometimes! But I have used the walk-thru method to get people to finish their own work. They'd rather for a quick 2 minute walk-thru with me then stay 30 minutes longer to finish :D

Then it is good you are out of that job! I say it was a blessing in disguise even though being fired does put a damper on your spirit.

I find it completely unethical that they would let people get away with that sort behavior towards patients and guests. Hopefully that place gets a complete overhaul and the abusers all lose their jobs as well as their licenses!

Are you surprised this happened? I am not suggesting you should not have reported those incidents, I am just pointing out that more often than not, it is the person who reports wrongdoing who gets dealt with, not the offenders. You have to decide for yourself how you want to handle such situations in the future.

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