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So Frustrated! Can't Find a Job...Now This? (long)

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OK, quick background: I've got 14 years of experience as an RN in Med/Surg/Tele, ICU, Perioperative. I also have my BSN. I left my job three years ago for family reasons, and have been looking seriously for the last year. Everyone I talk to says I've been out too long. I'm doing the networking thing, talking to people I know who are working in the field, keeping in touch with former supervisors. I've sent resumes, made phone calls and visited people in person. My former supervisors say they would hire me if I was more current AND if they had a job opening, so I know my work record is not the problem. Very few facilities (and this includes LTC, Home Health and clinics) are hiring, and those that are only hire people who have been out of work a year or less. Most of the positions are being filled with travelers.

At this point, I'm looking at taking a job outside of healthcare, just to get working. I joined with a local group that helps displaced workers find employment. Not necessarily health care work, but all industries - IT, high tech, whatever. Anyway, there were a bunch of brochures in the lobby, and I picked one up from a place called Upwardly Global. (Upwardlyglobal dot org) This particular outfit helps immigrants and refugees find work in the U.S. Part of their big sales pitch is helping foreign-trained nurses who are ineligible to take the NCLEX and are therefore stuck in "positions that do not leverage their skills." The brochure also says "Through our influence and impact program, we hope to address these ineffective systems."

I have been reading posts on this board long enough to know that I am not unique in this situation. The new grads have been more or less shut out for the last three years or so. Experienced RNs who have already been working here in the U.S. are also being turned away. I really don't begrudge the nurses from other countries who want to work here. But am I the only person who thinks there's something wrong with going to such lengths to bring in people from other countries to work in the U.S. when we've got countless unemployed RNs right here, ready to go? And if the argument is that I've been out of the hospital for too long, how long have the people in this program been out doing the jobs that "don't leverage their skills"? At least the skills I do have are from local hospitals. I won't even get into how many new grads are waiting for a chance to use their skills, enthusiasm, and current education to work in the field.

Sorry for the rant. Like I said, I'm frustrated.

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Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

I took 2 years away from paid nursing to take care of my family members that needed nursing care.

I had 20 years experience.. felt a little rusty going back. Started back with an agency position , part -time. The second place I was assigned to offered me a job.

As far as the foreign nurses being recruited, I totally agree.

But that is not your battle. Don't get side tracked.

Try agency to get your foot back in the door, consider a refresher course.

Best of luck, PM me anytime.

Don't waste emotional energy raging at the fact that they get jobs or you will add to your own frustration and anger. Have never met an employer or anyone in the workplace management hierarchy that shares the views of those who are displaced by, or placed in the second tier by, imported cheap labor. This is a battle and a war you can not win, so don't allow yourself to go there.

tokmom, BSN, RN

Specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff. Has 30 years experience.

I was out for almost 5 yrs and it took me a while to get a job as well. I wish employers wouldn't be so paranoid about nurses leaving and coming back into the profession. If you have been at it long enough, you don't lose your skills.

Take a refresher, get ACLS, etc.. and see if that helps you.

Good luck and stay strong!

BTW, agree with the other parts of your post.

The hospital I work at has a education program for nurses who want I get back in the field. It is called the refresher program. I work at Methodist Dallas TX. You can look it up. Good luck