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  1. supaswtchic

    Should I have left pt's restraints on?

    I have never worked at a ltac facility, only at a hospital. Our hospital really pushes for us to not use restraints. We are to use them only as a last measure due to the risks with using restraints. Yes we still use them. Some pt's may have a 1:1 sitter and still be in restraints. What is the pt had gotten tangled and fell. You would still be filling out incident report and feeling guilty. It sounds like you did a good job checking on the pt and reorienting them but unfortunately that one short time span resulted in a fall. It takes a lot more effort to work with the pt so they don't have to be jn restraints. Some of the best nurses I know have had pts who fell. Management doesnt always see our efforts, they just see it as a fall. We try our best but we are just pulled in so many directions we cannot keep all falls from occurring. We have to get an order to use restraints but the nurse can terminate the restraints if she feels best such as when tubes/lines are removed. Do you guys have bed alarms? They have cut down on many falls from occurring at our facility. Don't feel bad just learn from this experience.
  2. supaswtchic

    So Frustrated! Can't Find a Job...Now This? (long)

    The hospital I work at has a education program for nurses who want I get back in the field. It is called the refresher program. I work at Methodist Dallas TX. You can look it up. Good luck
  3. supaswtchic

    Best one sentence handoff report

    I was standing outside my patient room waiting for report. The elderly patient was in bed playing with a baby doll. The pct tells me, "I'll give you report." He states, "she delivered her baby at noon and was shaking it at 1400." oh lord haha
  4. supaswtchic

    Pay for 2.5 yr RN in Dallas

    I have been a nurse for 2 1/2 years. I work on a tele floor nurse pt ratio 6:1. I make 29.70/hr. Plus diff. Nights $4 and weekend $6.5. Hope that helps.
  5. supaswtchic

    should i be a school nurse

    I am just curious on everyones opinion. I have been a telemetry nurse on a cardiac floor for 2 years. I went to that floor right after graduation. I am thinking about applying at an all kindergarden school. Do you think I have enough experience. I know I would need to be certified in hearing and vision screening. Anything else I would need to do/know? What is it like? When I went to nursing school I wanted to work with kids.