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Agree re: physician ordering rates. They don't - just like their IV push orders don't contain a specific time over which the med should be pushed.

I still think it's weird for the OP to have had conversations with both a charge nurse and a manager about this, that apparently didn't convey the advice given here.

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Order this handbook Betty Gaharts 2019 Intravenous medications.It is easy to look any IV drug up and it gives a rate of administration for every IV drug plus tons of other info.I have used it for 40 years and it is fabulous.It will take you a few months but you will get to know them fast.You will not need to depend on anyone because you will have one of the best resouce at your fingertips.I am sure you know to never administer any IV medication unless you know the rate of administration.


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I'm wondering why someone who needs all this lyte replacement isn't on tele?

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