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So bummed!!


I took all my pre reqs & studied for the TEAS for months in order to apply for my school's ASN program (starting fall 2015). I took the TEAS a few weeks ago and did amazing but missed the Science portion by 2 points! So I decided to take it again (which was today) and I did even worse than last time...and now because I'm only allowed to take the TEAS 2x/academic year, I won't be able to submit my application. I have worked so hard the past couple years, albeit in the midst of buying a home & having my 2nd child, and this just feels like a giant slap in the face. I want to give up so bad, but I have already invested so much time & energy...just needed to vent!! All I can do is move forward, I know that. I may just apply for the OTA program at my school instead, as you don't need a certain score to apply, but a part of me feels like I shouldn't give up on nursing. There is another nursing school that I am going to apply to but I was sort of banking on this program...any advice would be greatly appreciated, I just feel so damn defeated...


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Aw, man! How frustrating!! How did you study? What materials did you use? Have you completed your prereqs?

I had a setback as well, and had to wait a year to apply to the program I ended up doing, and while that sucked (and stung), it worked out. Use this time to brush up on that science, and knock it out of the park next time.

Sending you good thoughts!!

Have you completed all the non nursing general ed classes above and beyond the pre reqs? Perhaps that is something to do so that if you end up waiting a year you won't feel like it's wasted. Or perhaps go through CNA training?

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All I can say is...ok..the study methods you used to did lead to the result you desired. So the options are to either implement new study methods..whether it be more time studying...different methods...working with a partner....whatever it takes. If you do decide to not try again that is your choice and whatever choice you make it is yours and yours alone. No decision is "wrong" it just "is". I promise you 99% of the nurses you see went through the same situations. You can do it.

Sorry just saw these responses now! I used the TEAS study guide to study..but good news I got accepted to a really good nursing program in my area and I can start in January with only 3 non nursing courses needed! I'm very excited, of course I am already in an OTA program as that was my 2nd option but.my heart is pulling me.towards nursing.

Don't give up.. apply to other programs.... it's a just a bump on the road... keep pushing..

:) I posted before reading ALL the comments! congrants!!!!:D


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The chemistry part of TEAS got me. I passed, but it dragged my score down. Congrats on getting in elsewhere. Good luck with whichever program you decide (nursing or OTA).