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I just went to work in a SNF in Florida. We have to do a skills review with the DON in a couple of weeks. Has anyone had to do this? I have no idea what to expect. I got my lic. in another state, we did not have to do this there. Thanks for any advice.

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Is the skills review like a competency check? I've been trying to get the SDC here to give one to all the new hires when they go out on the floors and have the nurse managers or supervisors check them off on certain skills. I had to do one years ago when I first started working in a SNF. It was pretty pass technique, IV's, sterile dressing technique, g-tubes....basis things.

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Is your facility going for JACHO (or how ever that goes) certification. This requires compentency testing of all nursing. Don't worry, you are probably to valuable to replace, even if you miss something.

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We do yearly competancies on the computer and new hires have a skills checklist they have to complete during orientation plus computer competancies they do while still in the classroom portion of their orientation.

It really is a big help, things you are maybe lacking in come to light and it gives a chance for you to be able to get some experience in those areas. I havent ever heard anyone complain about doing them.

I doubt it would put your job in jepordy. It just keeps the facility in compliance with regs. I'm sure if there are areas you need brushed up on they will make sure you get what you need. There intent is not to let someone go for not being completely up on their skills.


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I found out through other nurses that they do it for state survey purposes. That way they have proof you knew correct procedure. I also found out it is the time to ask any questions about clinical procedures. We are also having a resp. therapist give a quick inservice on trach care and suctioning. I am sure it will be helpful. Thanks for your input.

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