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We had one today, and it was so stressful. Some people were crying after they finished because of how mean the testers were being---one in particular.

Why do we let ourselves get so nervous and stressed out?

The good news----I passed. Woohoo!!!!!!!:)

How have y'all's check-offs been going?

p.s. the semester is half way over!!!!!!!!

i look back now and wonder why i ever got stressed about handwashing check off's. :chuckle

but i did. stressed about every one of those darn things!

i think the stress comes from being a new student. a NURSING student. we are held to a higher standard. our check off began the week we started nursing school. now school in itself was overwhelming enough. add on top of that, instructors saying that you MUST pass this and you MUST pass that or you are out of the program....*sigh*

congrats on the successful check off! :)


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Before my check-offs, I would find a quiet corner to go to and clear my head. The first time I did it someone spotted me and started poking fun. That is until that person saw how well I did on my checkoff. It is stressful. Congratulations on making it through yours.


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LOL!!!!!!! I remember freaking out before my handwashing skill check! Tomorrow I check off on wound care & Friday I have isolation. I get so nervous too. Even the nicest instructors seem intimidating during skill checks. The worst part for me is knowing that I could be kicked out of the program if I get remediated 3 times. It's the worst part of nursing school.



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Our check-offs are so stressfull. I have my last one in the beginning of this coming semester. The worse of it is that they pick any skill out of the "hat" so you better be comfortable with any skill possible since no one knows which ones are in the hat!!!:uhoh3:


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I had the same problems. I was in my clients room getting ready to do a cardiac check off and completely forgot everything. I went to the lab at school this week and I am going to go at it again. Anyone that sees me with my stethescope runs.

I was so stressed I thought I was goign to be picked up off the floor.

If anyone has any advice for handling check offs in clinical please pass them along..

I get so stressed

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for starters, skill check offs ARE important! If you don't learn how to perform a skill on a dummy, it'll be rougher on an actual patient....I still remember my foley check off....went fine......then on the actual patient....300 lb big guy, incoherant, and needed to be cathed....but urine started spurting out, kinda like tapping the was rough...but if not for my skill check off, I probably would have contanimated myself easier....

practice, practice, practice, and know someday you'll be done...I know I am now...

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