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What is the expected dress code for nursing classes? I realize that it's uniforms for clinicals and such, but what about other times? Professional, regular street clothes? TIA!

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What is the expected dress code for nursing classes? I realize that it's uniforms for clinicals and such, but what about other times? Professional, regular street clothes? TIA!
Tee-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops.

It's a college class, not a business meeting.

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Thanks! I didn't want to show up to orientation overdressed, but I didn't want to be underdressed either!
Orientation = business casual... always a safe bet when you don't know what to expect.

At wcccd there was no metion of what to wear for class, but to lab sweat pants only and a white short sleeve tee shirt. They were very strict about that, and of course uniforms to cinicals.

Well.. Last semester we had 8 hours of class 3 days a week, and one day of clinicals. Let me tell ya.. i lived in my sweat pants. Not only did we have to be there by 730, we had to sit there for 8 hours.. sometimes i would get fancy and wear jeans. But it all depends on your school. My teacher's were pretty awesome, but sweats were my main staple. it was the closest you could get to going to class in your pj's =)

I dress nicely for school. Not dressy, but in clean and unwrinkled tops and pants or capris, that fit and match. I think that you get what you give in the world, and that people who put in that effort and care what others have to look at get more respect and attention than someone who doesn't even care enough to get dressed in the morning.

I personally feel when I am in lecture, comfort is best. You can still wear a sweatsuit or jeans and a t-shirt and still be put together. As long as you have taken a shower and don't look like you just rolled out of bed. Make sure you never look sloppy. If you look sloppy, you feel sloppy.

exactly my point. a small amount of care about yourself goes a long way.

This is a great question not a silly one, I am often horrified by the way young professional nursing students dress. Start with clean clothes, no holes, no offensive tee shirts, nothing too tight. No gel nails, chipped nail polish and dirty hair. I have seen it al including runny noses wiped on sleeves!

Profs are often references for students and a well kept tidy professional looking student is generally the one who gets the job. Tidy clean presentable is part of the nursing image. I wok in the Arctic, Southern Rural clinics in the US, and in Hospitals the patients always appreciate a clean well presented look and smile....even after you are pulled 20k BY A DOG TEAM.......

CHEERS AND GOOD LUCK................:yeah:

Unfortunatly people still judge you by the way you look and clothes do maketh man!

I think you've got a lot of really great answers and suggestions! Thank you for posting this topic - I'll be sure to bring this question up when I go to my advising session for the university I hope to attend. I can imagine universities are more strict about dress, perhaps?

I wore scrubs because I worked. Either that or exercise clothes because I rode my bike during lunch.

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Casual but in good taste! I saw some things that made me drop my jaw pass the second floor.

One of our amazing clinical educators in Ottawa wears very cool MEC cycling gear to all our morning meetings and eats as she goes...she looks amazing and is a real role model. I thinks its all about how you put it together and present yourself.

I can remember a nurse named Sherry(from the east coast working in Frobisher Bay ..then) hanging off a rope ladder off a red search and resque heliocopter in a red parka and white sorrel boots with amazing blue pants a nice fur collar on parka....small screaming yellow back pack...I should have been worried about her but the thought crossed my mind how great she looked!!!!! She was trying to get an American Tourist off an Ice flow he was in reported diabetic shock............she was incredible !!!! As it turned out he and his team were ill prepared and cold.....the Government billed them 40,000 fo the rescue. Nurses are always putting their lives on the line......hummmmm

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