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  1. She talks about her encounters with Americans during her travels to Panama,etc. It wasn't exactly a welcome mat I read her book and decided to stay in nursing school.
  2. The best reliable info about Mary Seacole is in her autobiography. British soldiers worshipped her as Mother Seacole. She spent her own money to go serve the British army and when she had none left they remembered her. I highly recommend her book whi...
  3. invisigoth

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    I went to a flu clinic in klan country and I was wearing a turban AND had olive skin. Feh... yes some did not want me giving them their needle sticks. Personally I don't care. That is their issue. I will take care of them all the same. It is funny ho...
  4. invisigoth

    Second Week and I am Very frightened

    Get a really good organizer like Franklin Covey or Day-Timer. Or make a hipster pda and get into some serious time management. Seeing everything organized helped me to remain sane through nursing school.
  5. invisigoth

    11 Things Your Nurse Thinks (But Will Never Tell You)

    Don't worry. You'll love it anyway no matter what happens. I am a new LPN in an old folks home and I love my job. OTOH, if I said 'your refusal to adhere to the fluid restrictions means job security for me' that would be mean :chuckle
  6. I'm not exactly willing to take it. Then again, I've not taken the hep vaccine either. I was made to take the tetanus shot as a requirement for school graduation. A good website for natural flu defense is utopiasilver.com I've not ordered from them b...
  7. invisigoth

    Nurse Aide NA/PCT/PCA Jobs @ NYC?

    I said that myself when I went there to do a makeup clinical while my mother was a patient there. If it wasn't for them, I would have flunked nursing school. They do not hire LPNs though. I was told they retrain LPNs as surgical techs which I wouldn'...
  8. invisigoth

    If you could no longer work as a nurse, what would you do?

    Chicken and zucchini farmer since managing peeps and rounding up zucchini is almost as challenging as getting cranky old ladies to take pills.
  9. invisigoth

    Nurse Aide NA/PCT/PCA Jobs @ NYC?

    I asked one of the CNAs at Memorial Sloan Kettering how much they make and they ballparked it at 30/hr. I took her at her word. 10.84 might be crap where you live but it's above average in my area. I was a nurse aide before I became a nurse and I mad...
  10. invisigoth

    18 y/o RN!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way right now.
  11. invisigoth

    Silly question--what to wear for class

    I wore scrubs because I worked. Either that or exercise clothes because I rode my bike during lunch.
  12. invisigoth

    Nursing home experiences?

    I think you SHOULD apply to UPMC. What's the worst that would happen? Anyway, I love working in the nursing home. I was a nurse aide first and worked through school. It's not glamorous but it's an honor to take care of old folks anyway.
  13. invisigoth

    Nurse Stereotypes and the White Cap...

    I think today's generation probably do not care about it. I do know that a lot of little old ladies were looking forward to seeing me in my white nurse hat so I wear a white hat :-)
  14. invisigoth

    Love and Healthcare in the Third World

    Are BSNs the only way of education for nurses there? I wonder if America and Canada are the only countries that use practical nurses. Sounds as if they can use them in the third world.
  15. invisigoth

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

  16. invisigoth

    after 2 days of crying and absolutely no sleep...

    EXCELLENT. Good show!