*Sigh* I need some NCLEX motivation....


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Hello everyone I stop through here from to time to time for updates. I just so discouraged from studying for the NCLEX I know I need to and once I do it will make a difference for my kids. I've been out of work for over two years now and figured why not try again to pass my boards. I'm trying to do something one a day to prepare myself, but sometimes I get to hard on myself or I just don't push myself. Can you guys give me some ideas HOW TO PEP MYSELF..My 10 year old makes me study so love her for that, but I need motivation!! Oh yeah been out of school for 5 years now took boards 4 times..and want it to be my last time in August...:yeah:


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That's easy... think about your kids. :) Think about what you're teaching them by giving your best shot on the things you do in life and never giving up... no matter what.

I was in a crappy nursing program the first time I tried nursing. I dropped out the first semester (along with all of my other nursing friends...). It was such a traumatizing experience. I never wanted to go back to nursing school. Sure enough, a few years later, I gave it another shot. I got back up and tried again. People who know of my story were like, "Wow. You had the guts to try it again, huh? Good for you. I would've been too scared to do that."

Failure is an option: Giving up is not.


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Thank you..just pushing myself to take it and pass by August...


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When you realize you are in "procrastinate" mode, just turn it into a "break" mode, but with a time limit. That way, you will put yourself back in charge of the situation. Good luck.