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Sierra lifecare?


Hey everyone,

I’m a new grad RN and applying for an elementary school position with Sierra lifecare (located in Broward county, FL). I’m wondering if anyone has experience working with them? I will find out more from the company but would love some insight from anyone who has worked for them. Mostly on what training looks like for new grads and if they only place one nurse per school? What is the transition like as a new grad? Thanks in advance!


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Look around the School Nurse forum--  AN members feel school nursing not a setting for new grads as the nurse needs to independently manage health issues in the school setting.

From my internet sleuthing, Sierra Lifecare is a pediatric home health agency, providing 1:1 nursing for disabled children in the  home and school setting. Medicaid subsidies this type of care in many states --until child turns age 21.

Pediatric Home care can be stepping ground into getting your feet wet in nursing. From my experience, 1-2 week short orientation provided, 1-2 days in home with current staff to learn child's routine then you are on your own. Most agencies on-call  consists of have staffing coordinator (non-nurse) take first call then contact on-call nursing supervisor as needed -- no immediate response often when child running into trouble and you need advice.

GT feeding, trach and vent care, seizure disorders, some wound care make up majority of pediatric cases.

Good Luck finding that first RN position.


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I second what @NRSKarenRN has said; This sounds like a contract position as a 1:1 nurse with a medically complex child. As stated above, the orientation is likely relatively short, and depending on the school/district, support may be limited. I imagine you'd be the child's 1:1 during school hours only. Some 1:1 nurses have arrangements with the family to provide care outside of school as well, but the particulars of this would likely be dictated by agency/school district policy and the family's wishes. If I were you, go ahead and apply, but ask lots of questions, about the agency, the school, the student, etc. 

It is possible the school is using the agency for a general school nurse. If this is the case, I would be veeeerrrrry careful. You don't know what kind of scenarios you may be thrown in to, so again, ask lots of questions... 

Good luck!

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Check out reviews on glassdoor too!  My first RN job was 1:1 trach/vent peds.  I went to school with some of them (but they were young so only a few hours of school).  I loved it, but I was also at a company with an awesome new grad program with solid direction and mentorship.  It can be really difficult if there isn't a program specifically for new grads.