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Should i take a science each semester? Need help w. scheduale

by Freashmeat Freashmeat (New) New

Hi, I'm finally starting classes in Fall, and I'm confused whether I should always be applying for atleast one science class each semester? The reason why is because if there comes a time I would take two sciences at the same time (like A&P and Inorganic chem) that it would be too much to handle and would bring my GPA down. Right now I can either apply for Inorganic Chem or A&P phys. What do you recomend a person who isn't that good at science take for starters?

My sched is:

Inorganic chem & chemL

Intro to film

Eng online

Gen. physch

Prin of socio

Does my schedule seem reasonable?

Thankyou in advance for any help :)


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That looks like an overwhelming semester, IMO. What are you used to taking? Remember that GPA is very important when it comes to applying to nursing school. I would take chem before physiology, because there is a lot of chemistry in physiology. It's hard to understand metabolism without understanding basic chemistry.

English is also very important. I would take that class in person, as it looks like you have some strength to build in this area (no offense). There are a lot of papers to be written in nursing school, and your spelling and grammar are factors in your grades.

The fact that you are asking makes me wonder if you are prepared for that amount of classes. Based on my esmitate of the unit value for my school that is around 18 units which is a lot. Like the other poster said, GPA is important, and a lot more important than faster completion by a semester or two. What I would take is one science nursing prereq per semester, and use the other classes as filler. I started With Anatomy which is a 4 Unit course here, and combined it with Film, and Mathematics, which totaled to 12 units. You don't want to end up completing earlier just to find you aren't even competitive enough to join a nursing school.

Also note, you can apply for all of them and feel it out, and if you don't think you can handle it, drop off a course or two. What you neeed to remember is there are lots of schools that penalize this based on progress completion, and if you're progression completion drops too low, you can become inelgible for aid, or even dismissed from

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Good day Freashmeat:

I've found https://allnurses.com/pre-nursing-student/how-get-any-846733.html to be helpful for every single class I've taken. Your schedule looks tight but doable as a full time student. Inorganic chemistry or a principles of chemistry class should give you a good foundation for the science portions of A&P especially if you didn't have chemistry in high school. BTW, if you tested into inorganic chemistry, AND you really feel uncomfortable with science, see if they have a chemistry one or two steps lower than inorganic chemistry to start off. At my college, testing in can either mean you are in the middle of the road (just a little effort to get to the top of it), or that you are at the edge of what you can handle (meaning you have to put in a lot of effort to get to the top of the game -- good grade).

Thank you.

Intro to film: I had 6 MLA or APA 700-1000 word essays with citations & references. Two tests, a mid-term and final.

Gen Psych: Much reading and comprehension. Five tests, End of semester 7 page APA paper W/ citations & bibliography, few assignments.

Intro Soc : Lighter reading & easier comprehension than Psych but still takes effort for new concepts. Three tests, lots of activities.

It looks like you can expect a lot of writing, which may be difficult, depending on what type of student you are.

At the end of the day, I think you'll thank yourself for pacing things and getting awesome grades versus powering through classes, getting mediocre grades and not being accepted into a program.