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  1. Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my story. Also, I want to state that in school I was a pretty average student. Also: I'm sorry its super long but I included a TLDR at the end if you want to skip all this nonsense 🙂 So I took the NCLEX-RN back in August and did the whole 130 qs. I did the PVT trick after and got the bad pop-up. Quick results and it was official I didn't pass. Now I had to do the 45 day waiting period. I was devastated and didn't start studying in the first month after. In the second month I was just doing questions from UWorld but I realized doing that wasn't enough for me. I wasn't retaining the knowledge. I started using Hurst and reviewed their content videos. Seriously. I changed my studying style to what I knew worked best for me, even though it takes hours just to finish one topic. After I finished the content I would then go to UWorld and do the qs and I saw the improvement, which motivated me even more. I also got off social media and made a new IG just to follow pages that talked about schoolwork and studying. I know it was extra but one of my problems during studying was going on my phone unconsciously and getting distracted about what everyone else was doing. Now, I was waiting for my ATT and I was getting impatient because I wasn't sure their would be spots open for this year. I FINALLY received it, about two weeks before I was allowed to test again and ran to my computer LOL. I was right though, and no spots were open in my area until November so I chose a place 5 hours away from me but just a week away. But, I checked everyday in case anyone dropped and went from 5 hrs away, to an hr away, until finally a place 20 mins away! So make sure to do that. I also didn't tell anyone when my date was, only like 3 ppl knew. So my date was set and it was time to panic. LOL kidding, but it did make me feel better to finally have a date, so my full focus went to studying. Also, I didn't do all the Hurst content videos just the ones I felt weakest in. So I just did straight practice qs from UWorld that moment onward. Tbh I did exhaust myself with so many questions that I started getting some wrong and I regret not taking more time for my brain to rest. During the test: I asked for noise cancelling headphones and chewed some strong mint gum to keep me focused. The qs started rolling in and the things I focused so much on this time because it was on my last test were nowhere to be found of course LOL. But at this point even if I was unfamiliar with what they asked, I could tell what the correct answer was by process of elimination. Testing strategies work! But I ended up going past 60 though and once I saw that I had a little breakdown. During my last test, I became numb once I went to q 61 because to me it meant I failed and I just started answering because I wanted everything over with. But not this time. I went to the bathroom and gave myself a peptalk. I saw plenty of ppl on the forums who passed at 130 qs! It is possible. This isn't the end and if I failed atleast I knew I tried my hardest. After that, I went back to my test and didn't give up!! I took time with each question and I felt confident in my answers. I didn't rush myself. Finally the test shut off at 130 qs (note: I hid the number of qs I completed bc I found it makes me unable to think properly). I got the heck out of there and felt okay. I didn't feel miserable like last time. I felt at peace with what I did. I did have a little cryfest in my car on the way home of fear of not passing, what I'll do if I didn't, how can I tell my parents I failed again etc LOL. I was so scared to do the PVT trick but my family really wanted me to. So I gave the duty to my sister and sat in front of her. She put in the incorrect card and said IDK what this means. So my heart dropped and I looked at the computer. "Our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam.." I let the biggest sigh of relief and lost all feeling in my legs. I cried because the goal I was working toward for a while was just within my reach and all the hard work I put into it was finally paying off. I received my quick results two days later and it was official, I passed. Some words of encouragement I want to give: don't be too hard on yourself. You passed nursing school and that was a feat on itself! This test is just another hurdle that you WILL go over. Don't compare yourself to others, everyone has their won journey to take. Dedicate time to finding how YOU study. Everyone has different methods of how they learn best. If you want a more in depth explanation of how I study please let me know. Thank you for taking time out to read my story 🙂 TLDR: Took the NCLEX in August up to 130 qs and didn't pass. Studied with UWorld and watched content videos on Hurst and took the exam in September with 130 qs and passed. Also, PVT trick worked!