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Recently, my state tax commission has implemented a law that prohibits anyone from renewing their license if they have any form of occupational license in the state if the licensee is not in compliance with state taxes.

I have reviewed the Nurse Practice Act and also our states rules for non-renewal of licensure and it does not have non-compliance with the tax commission as a reason to not renew licensure.

It does not seem to be legal (in spite of current law) to forbid renewal, if one has done nothing professionally unacceptable or inappropriate and has not violated the Nurse Practice Act in any way.

Also, it does not seem logical to impede one's capability to work, especially if they might owe money to the tax commission.

In addition, this certainly does not help the critical nursing shortage situation, if nurses are not allowed to work due to

tax issues.

Does anyone have any thoughts, comments or input in regard to this issue?


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I guess they're thinking tax "evasion" is a crime and "criminal activity" (whatever) is a reason to lose licensure? Since there are so many professions that do require a license they might be drumming up some income by passing this. I hope they see how this looks to others.


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This is a legitimate way for the state to collect back taxes. If you owe, you may be inconvenienced by having to work at piggly-wiggly for awhile to pay what you owe.

Many states disallow license renwal for all professionals who owe back chld-support. It used to be quite common for deadbeats to just cross state lines to abdicate their responsibilities.

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Seems like garnishing the wages instead would result in a better repayment rate. In addition to all the above reasons why your professional license should have nothing to do with the state. As professionals, aren't we independent in deciding who is capable of practicing- and is debt a hinderance to good practice?


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It doesn't make sense to keep someone who is behind in child support from renewing or gaining a professional license, nor to put the person in jail for the offense. In the first case you take away the person's ability to work in thier profession and must take (usually) a lower paying job which makes it even harder to pay the child support. In the second case it guarentee the child support will not be paid while the person is in jail.

Yet, this is exactly what the current laws on child support do. I believe both parents should support a child. BUT the current law is more than a little out of hand.

Who ever said the government makes sense.


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I agree with garnishment.


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I'm from your state too, only a nursing student. That is crazy. I go for garnishing wages but to take away a person's ability to pay back taxes doesn't seem logical. May be they need some of that critical thinking stuff we hear so much about!


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Well, if you're honest about it and pay your taxes like you're supposed to, you have nothing to worry about.


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Remember people- It is not illegal to owe money for taxes- only illegal to not file or file fraudulantly. So --- Our country did away with debtor's prison a long time ago. It is not fair to prohibit someone from working who has a license just because they owe on taxes. And it is also good to remember that some married people who are separated or divorced may owe taxes from their spouse mismanaging their funds. So please do not be quick or harsh to judge people.


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What do you mean by "not in compliance with state taxes"? If it means one owes some money to the state and one is working with them to pay what is owed, then I think the state is being over zealous. A few years ago I was in the situation where I owed more in taxes than I was able to pay in one lump sum. I sent in my tax return and paid as much as I could and then paid the rest in a couple of installments - there was no problem. If one just hasn't bothered to pay their taxes or has been faudulent then it is dishonesty and/or poor judgement. Either is a good reason to keep a body from working in life and death situations where one might have access to many potent (and potentially profitable) drugs.


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I would like to clarify the fact that I/we do not owe the state anything-----they, in fact, owe us, as it turns out. And to clarify their term "non-compliant", means if you have not filed, or if you owe money.---------here's a real "kicker". My husband stated that he read recently that the Oklahoma State Tax Commission is currently insolvent, which means they will not be able to pay taxpayers what is owed to them for a while-------but if you owe them money they want it now!

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