Should a pre-nursing student get a nursing related job to increase future nursing job prospects?

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Just putting it out there....

I did an accelerated BSN program and we had 2 students that attempted to work during the program...both failed out. You weren't told you couldn't work but it was HIGHLY discouraged due to the extremely fast paced and heavy course load along with clinicals.

I did an ABSN program, and multiple people worked and passed. Yes, it was discouraged.  But people still need to pay rent, eat, etc.  Not everyone can afford tuition and living expenses for a full year without an income.  And what about people with children?  Kids take up more time than a job, but it's not like you can check out of parenting for a year. 

No program is 24/7.  It's completely possible to work, go to class & clinicals, and study.  The key is you have to make sure you really dedicate the time you have left to studying.

I didn't work, but I had two small children (kindergarten and preschool).  I guarantee I spent more time caring for them than my classmates did working.  I even managed to arrange my clinicals so I was able to always be the Thursday morning mom helper in Kindergarten.  It just meant being really, really disciplined with the rest of my time.  For me, that meant getting my books digitally so my texts were on my phone, and any spare 5 or 10 minute block I had could be spent reading.  I studied in a coffee shop that didn't have wi-fi, so I would not be tempted to navigate away from my texts.

OP probably shouldn't start a NEW job when she's doing her ABSN, but if she gets through her training and orientation when she's doing her prerequisites, she should be in good shape to work at least a few shifts per week during school.  It just means she has to cut back on some of the other things she'd otherwise do in her free time.


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Most of the nursing programs I know required a CNA before admission. But water under the bridge. I recommend you become a CNA before you graduate. It will teach you a lot.

Good luck.


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On 2/21/2021 at 8:29 PM, Kara638 said:


Should a pre-nursing student get a nursing related job to increase future nursing job prospects? I am taking my nursing pre-requisites right now for ABSN program. I already have a Bachelors degree. I am wondering if I should start working or volunteering now so I can be a good job candidate for RN jobs after I graduate and become a nurse. I don't have any nursing-related jobs on my resume right now. I also plan on becoming a CRNA. Please advise. Thank you!

Short answer - ya

Long answer yeeessss