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I am a new grad nurse currently seeking my first RN job. I have been hearing that it is extremely competitive and difficult to land the first job. I have also heard many say to take the first position that is offered to "get a foot in the door". I was wondering would you guys recommend this or to wait it out until I hear from the job I really want?

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If a job is right for you then you should take it.

While you are interviewing to get a job don't forget to evaluate the place interviewing you.

If you can do the job they ask you to do, and if you want to do the job, and if they offer money that makes financial sense to you then take it.

The only job you should hold out for is the one described. i.e. If you can't do it, won't do it, or can't live on the income then don't take the job.


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I will take any job I can get, excluding jobs that are unsafe for me or the patient or very low in pay.


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I'm in this boat now. The local hospitals are accepting applications but haven't been actually hiring yet. It looks like they plan to do so in May. In the meantime, I was offered an interview at a physician's office, so I am going to that. If offered the job, I will likely take it (I otherwise just work retail). If I end up leaving the office in order to take a hospital position, then so be it, but sometimes you have to go with who is hiring right now. At least it will be some experience.


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Thank you!

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I guess it depends upon how badly you need a paycheck. If you can afford to wait (possibly more than a year) for a job, turn down the first position you're offered. Otherwise, take it.

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