Should I take these classes together?


Okay, I made it through the summer, I got a possible C in chemistry and not sure if I want to take it over again to get a B. I'm thinking about it


My schedule for the Fall 2009 is going to be:

Human Anatomy 1

Organic Chemistry



do you think I should hold off on the Statistics? I am almost done with my pre reqs and I just want to get this over with. I figure if I take statistics then I'll only have two classes left to take in the Winter 2010


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You can do well as long as you put in the work and not half ass anything. I am taking API and Gen Chem II-premed this semester along with some upper level English course and two other classes I need. I am a little apprehensive about taking premed line chembut I have no choice. All the nursing chems are full. I plan in doing well.

Stats is not that hard. Just study...besides I am sure you will fell better knowing that you will have only 2 prereqs left.

If I had time I would do things differently however I don't have the luxury.

Are you applying to a ASN, BSN, or direct-entry prgram?

I am going to apply for the BSN.

We are the same age and on the same track! I kept hearing Statistics is kinda hard, still not sure. They say all you need is knowledge in basic Algebra and I LOVE algebra.

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I think it all depends on how well you handle the workload for each course and how much time you are able to devote to studying - do you work, have children, etc? Anatomy and Chemistry can be challenging as they involve lots of memorization but psychology is a relatively easy course and the material is interesting which helps. If you are good at math then Statistics won't be too much of a challenge for you either. I love math and enjoyed my Statistics course and passed with an A. Best of Luck! :up:


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Statistics is easy, you just need to study. I took the introdutory one and got a "B." My last semester in college, I took advance statistics "520" was the number and got an "A." You just need to spend some time after class studying.


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Wow, congrats you're almost finish. If you feel comfortable taking the stat's class then take it. If you think you're pushing yourself too hard then hold off.

Good luck!!!


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When I took organic it was quite a bit more time spent in the lab than general chem and thought it required a bit more study time just b/c there is a fair amt of memorization but I really liked it. I'm no math whiz and I thought stats was not that difficult. Seems like a doable schedule to me. Good luck!

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