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Ok, here it is. Work has dropped off, Im lucky to get one day a week. I have been offered a traveling position at $32/hr, furnished apartment, $75/mo for utilities, guareentee 36 hr./wk. I don't want to leave home, but I have a family to support. My specialty is ICU, the job is for float between telemetry and ICU, telemetry ratio is 1:5, 513 bed hospital. OH, yeah, $300 sign on and $2000 completion bonus. Is this a good deal? What should I ask for? I was going to ask that my days (nights) be in a block so I can go home inbetween. Is this presumptuous?


Work 3 consistant 12hr shifts.... They will give it to you that way you can be home 4 days straight.Other than that if the money is right to you then go for it but on;y you would know your needs.



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Look for 'local contracts'. A good travel company will try to place you close to home. Local contracts are the best of both worlds. Guaranteed hours AND staying close to or at home.

Of course, finding these depends on the area you are in and how bad they need travellers.


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I am doing it right now. Florida doesn't pay as high as other states do for travelers. I am 50 miles away from home, I chose to take the tax free housing allowance per month. I will know after this weekend's 3 straight 12 hour nights if it was a good idea. (not taking the apt, taking the cash) I was given a regular hospital ID and put on the schedule as if i were on staff.

When I did home health nursing, I drove more than with this position. The closest affordable motel is about 8 miles away. I can always crash and return by 7pm. On the other hand, if I have to drive 8 miles, I might as well drive the rest of the way. I will give the names of company I spoke with if you PM, or anyone else PM's.



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When taking any contract, don't take completion bonuses! Have them put the bonus in with your hourly! Too many times hospitals will and have canceled contracts in order NOT to pay the completion bonus!

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