Should I stay or should I go?


Hey guys,

I am in a bit of an internal dilemma. I am so happy to be graduating in a couple of months with my BSN! I am looking at all of the available opportunities and get more and more excited. I currently live in Jacksonville, FL. I would really love to move to another state and start a brand new adventure as Florida is not my lifestyle, but my parents are really trying to push me to stay here and live at home to save money. While other states pay more for nursing, it is also more costly to live. I know that staying home will allow me to save more money for the future and I would like to be smart, but is it worth it?

I would really appreciate some unbiased opinions. Thank you!


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If you can easily find a job near home, live at home, pay off student loan debt and save money and get a few years of experience, you will be way more marketable if you try to leave the state at that point. It's easy to get your license in different states, so I'm with your parents here.


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Thank you, I appreciate your input.

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Agree with PP. It's a good idea to go ahead and get your career on a firm footing before relocating. You'll be able to look around and figure out which specialty/area you really like while gaining valuable experience.

When it comes time to relocate, you'll have a much easier time as an experienced nurse - particularly if it's in a high-demand clinical area. If you can achieve your specialty certification it will also be a huge plus in terms of your marketability.

The safe, smart choice is to stay with your parents.

But, I have an adventurous heart, and I would probably not make the smart, safe choice. I'm at my best when I'm facing challenge and I like to prove things to myself. So I'd be looking at all the different states I've always wanted to live in and start my research. I moved to where I live now on my own, not knowing anyone at all to get a fresh start. No regrets :)

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How much debt do you have? That factors in.