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Your resume was forwarded to my campus in Jacksonville, Florida by the Dean at our Denver, CO campus in consideration of the position for Assistant Academic Dean that is presently available. It is a fulltime position from 1pm to 10 pm, Mon-Fri.

I've been having a difficult time with this; input please!:confused:


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Were you looking for a new job? Do you mind moving? What are the financial considerations? Can you afford it? Have you met the people you would be working with/for? Could you be happy living in Flori-dah? Were you looking for answers? If you were then disregard this post, 'cause all i know is the questions!

You can get there from here!

ken :devil:


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Yes, I've been looking to relocate home and Florida is home but, I was looking for DON/LTC/SNF/ALZ/ALF positions when I received this offer. I've also been offered positions with Citicorp&American Express as a financial officer and was wondering how common this is or if it's occured with others.

Many know me or know of me on this site so, I wanted input basically on aforementioned. The pay is substantial w/benefits in a established and prestigeous university ( clinical&allied fields).

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do it........after careful consideration and about three nights sleep with the same feeling about it each morning.........


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Sure sounds like a winning proposition to me. What do I know? I have been living in So. Cal. for tooooooo many years. - "but it's a dry heat" LOL

just my $ .02


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Betts! Come on out! I moved here 22 years ago and never regreted it for a minute. The air is dry, very few bugs (and no palmetto bugs!) there are 4 seasons (sometimes in one day) the people are great, all kinds of culture --classical music to country, theater, art museum, zoo, all sorts of cuisine, amusment parks, but best of all MOUNTAINS. I would suggest that , if you have time and can afford it, come out for a few days to test the waters, but i'm sure you would love it.


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If this is something that you think you would find enjoyable and you feel you have knowledge and experience that can help others tha "GO FOR IT".

One of the better aspects of our profession is that there are always jobs to fall back on it something doesn't work out.


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Congrats, Betts, the headhunters done hunted you down...LOL!

Hey, definitely go for the interview...and take it from to have options like this!

Let us know what happens.:)


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I'd follow up on this one. Have you been to Jacksonville? If not, go there and stay a few days before you decide. The job sounds cool though. If they pay your trip to FL, so much the better.


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By the way Betts,

I visited down there last year. - My daughter lives near St. Augustine. - There's some great lighthouses to visit in that area.

( You can see some on my personal web site.)

Click the "www" link below to visit.


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I started my nursing career in the Kissimmee/StCloud area back in (gulp) 1969 and my husband is a Florida native. He also has family in Jax, FtWalton Bch.,Orlando,Melbourne,Tampa, FtMyers,Winter Haven, and our son will graduate from Purdue this year and has a position waiting in FtLauderdale.

As you're aware, we returned last month for our grandmothers memorial&funeral. While we were there, I had interviews in Winter Park,Lake Worth,and Boca Raton ; which my husband informs me,means; Rats Mouth.

I appreciate everyones encouragement ,but wanted too know if anyone else while looking for another facility, encountered so many offers from other fields; if you will,after being in nursing so long.

The latest one:

I have forwarded your resume to our corporate recruiter Iman Mitchell in Washington, DC. There is a corporate compliance nurse position available that may interest you.

I'm somewhat taken back by all of these offers as well as apprehensive, reserved,and afraid of not fullfilling their expectations. I'm an old fashioned nurse and love the elderly; look who's talking,lol,and with all these offer's from 'Outside' caregiving...I'm scared!

My educational endeavors were to better myself in caring for the elderly and not approving loans, directing a student body or kissing the asses of corporations while maintaining their compliance with respect to healthcare operations. I've tried leaving the bedside, but always returned. I realize that having something else to fall back on is prudent and at the same time, I realize the shortage of nurses,even by 1 more leaving may not seem important to some,but the residents that I leave behind, it matters too me. HELP!!!


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Betts... I think I can relate...

...after 26+ years of nursing and an additional 20 years of life, my priorities have changed greatly... I need to feel good iNSIDE about what I do, no longer need or want to prove myself to others every day I work, just want to be where I can make a real difference in life/death/health, and would/will choose to be where I'm the happiest...

...seems to me on your last post that you answered your own questions and do know where you want to be... DO IT!!

...."A person of integrity is concerned not just with doing right, but with right motives and right thinking"...

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