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You are having the covid blues.Many feel effects this way,no desire or push to do much of anything.My home used to be neat,organized,now I can barely start the vacume cleaner.I look at the mess of gloves,masks,sprays,gels and just want to sleep.You have something better going for you,you can focus on your school work,finish school and rejoice in your success in spite of this plague.

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On 2/28/2021 at 7:08 PM, Sour Lemon said:

Think of school as an investment. Is "film" a good investment? Is "writing"?

Unless you have unlimited financial support, I'd suggest that you go with something more marketable- nursing or otherwise. You can pursue creative avenues at anytime as a hobby ...and if it goes somewhere, you'll be luckier than most.

This is exactly what I needed to hear! I love writing in general and have even started on a mini poem book which is coming along quite nicely (though, I don't know what will become of it). But I do struggle often with the prospect that a degree in English or writing would be sufficient to afford me a decent living wage. I currently work for a Pharmaceutical company so I am not immune to the  inherent need for the industry and those in association with it, such as nursing. Which is why I too have deemed the nursing profession the most sensible option. It is refreshing to realize, perhaps for the first time, that I needn't forsake my interests and hobbies forever. Thank you ?

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I am 4 weeks into my program and want to quit. I know I am lucky to have made it this far as nursing schools are hard to get into. I was excited to accept my offer and start this new journey. However, I didn't have clinical experience and I was focused a lot on the money aspect. I'm in an MSN program. I applied to it because I wanted to be an administrator, not a nurse. I figured I can get my RN make good money and work my way up. I realized after the first week this is probably not for me, but I also haven't given it my all. I've cried every night, I gave up a good hospital job, and moved to a new city by myself to pursue this. A couple of months after receiving my offer, I decided not to accept it because the program was too far. People were constantly telling me I was wrong, don't be stupid, it's a great career, you'll make a lot of money, etc etc... I should have been firmed with my decision. I decided to take the leap and here I am struggling each day and I really want to quit. I just don't know what to do if I drop. I feel like a failure, I've become depressed to the point I just want to hide forever. 

There's also the financial implication. I can either quit now and owe half of the tuition or try to finish my quarter, but if I don't pass, I'll be dropped either way and will be responsible for the entire quarter. It's really expensive. I thought that MSN programs were the only way to be an administrator, and I made a big mistake. I'm so lost. 

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Dear poster, please immediately change your profile so you aren’t posting under your actual name. AN is not private, meaning anybody can run your name thru a search engine and find your posts. Maybe not a great idea if you want to post things like this, because future employers will be able to see it. 


Now as to your dilemma, how do you expect to be a knowledgeable and credible nursing administrator without some clinical nursing experience? Or did I miss something?

Instead of an MN, how about you pursue a master’s in business (MBA) or healthcare administration (MHA)?

Finish the semester so you can plan on transferring at least some of those credits, and change your path a bit. You’ll be OK. 


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