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i used to work as health aide for 2.5 years. i quit my job in may to finish nursing school. now nursing school is over ( for now) and i need to start working again. i've applied to take my boards for lpn, but have not received my att yet, so therefore i can't take the nclex right now. should i go back to my old job or should i just continue to job hunt ?

the pro's are: steady income and job security

the cons are: won't be able to stay long, because i do plan on going back to nursing school for my rn next fall.

what should i do ? i know that all i'll have to do is ask and i'll get hired again. my old boss adored me and even if i don't get at my old school there is another position open.

any advice would be appreciated. thanks.:confused:

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nursing student (soon to be LPN!!:yeah:) Only you can answer that question, but I will say I could tell you loved your school position form your posts over the last year. I guess some questions you would have to ask are:

Would you make more money working as an LPN elsewhere and is that important to you right now?

Do you want to work in a different area later that you think getting experience now would be helpful?"

Also, did you just get married or am I thinking of someone else? If you did just get married, the set, regular hours of school nursing might be good as you settle into married life.

Let us know what you decide.

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hi nursingstudent19 ! so good hearing from you ! hope you are doing well.

well sweetie, what can i were a wonderful health aide and i have no doubt that you will be a wonderful lpn school nurse as i am ! you have proven your love and care for the students and staff. you have the experience and are comfortable in that role. if you return, your school should consider themselves very lucky indeed ! you have to do what is right for you. i wish you every blessing as you decide on your job direction. hang in there my friend ! :heartbeat

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Thanks guys ! And yes I did get married !!! I don't know what I should do really. I may email my boss next week to inquire about a position. And yes, I did get married !!! Married life have been wonderful. I would love to stay home with my hubby all day and not work but that is impossible. Thanks for the advice and kind words of encouragement.


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Nursing student (are you going to change your name to Mrs Ex nursing student!!! Congratulations!!!

I have been weighing whether I would respond to this, as ultimately, it is your decision.

I think you should not go back to your old job.........yet.

I think that right out of school is the time to go into a hospital setting and get your confidence, have that honeymoon time when you are the "new grad" and can ask every newbie question you want, and get some LPN level acute skills under your belt. It will not feel the same as it did when you were an aide and the legal weight of the decisions was on the licensed person you were assigned to.

Once you have put that time in, you can always go back to the school, even if only one year. Once you have devoted that year, you will have a lot of choices. But if you go back to the school now, and stay 1 - 2 years, you will then be "experienced" and your orientation and mentoring in an acute job will not be geared for a new grad.

You can always come back to a school and your skills you gain in the hospital will be valued.

Good luck with your changes!!!


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Well, for purely selfish reasons.....I say return to school health. I love your posts here!!

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well, for purely selfish reasons.....i say return to school health. i love your posts here!!

i do too !!

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I say go for this as well, but only if it does not put a strain on your studies for RN. But either way its still a job and the PRO of steady income is a big one...

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