Should I call HR


I was interviewed two weeks ago last week i emailed HR and thanked all who interviewed me and showed my interest in working there. I had an extensive interview with HR, Director of the unit, peer interview and talent plus about a week after in person interviews. they did background check and copies of license and CPR. I have not received any call from them. should I call them or should I think that I am not selected. Please need an advice :unsure:.

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If they copied your license and CPR card, I would say you're in! How large is the facility? The bigger they are, the longer the hiring process takes.

Calling is a moot point, now.

Good luck!

Thanks for replying, it is Virginia Hospital Center in VA.


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I would be patient.....they can take a bit of time to respond to you.


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I would call for sure. You'll never have any info if you don't call. Everywhere I have interviewed has copied my license whether they hire me or not.


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The background check could take a couple weeks, I would call to follow-up, I think they are understanding to know that you are eager to know where they are in the process.

Thank you so much for replying. I think you guys are right I should give call HR to find out the application status. It is right as well to wait for some days then call them. I am thinking I will wait for one or two days and then will call them.

Thanks again :yes:


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My wife is head of HR, if its been a few weeks (more than 2) its ok to call and just ask where they are in the selection process, if they have a date for final decision. Just dont get pushy and do not call repeatedly. OR you could email them as well since you had their email address (I wouldnt do both personally). Next time ask them at the end of the interview how long the selection process takes. They normaly know the timline by what their working with and then if you havent heard anything in a week after you can follow up.

Just remember most of the HR people have a lot on their plate and the selection process can take a long time (especialy if their was lots of people that need to be in on that process).