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Should I buy LaCharity


Hi all!

I am scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN exam on July 15. I have Saunders 4th edition and I have kaplan. I was wondering if I should purchase LaCharity too. Im not sure if it will be worth my money if I already have Kaplan, and because my test is right around the corner. Pluse i dont want to spread my self too thin with too much material. But like everyone else, I will do anything to pass!!! please help me:confused:

I should also mention that I will have to purchase off the web. Thus It prob wont be here until tue at the earliest with the holiday weekend and all.

This book was HIGHLY recommended to me from a Boston College Review Course. I was told the NCLEX now focuses more intensely on prioritization, delegation, and assessment. I was able to buy the book from Barnes and Nobel. The book was in stock. I find the book very intense and questions so challenging. If you can't get the book in time look online for info. Hae you ever been on studentnursesconnections.com? Great place to review lots of things

It is a good resource. See if you can get it at a library if you don't want to buy it. Good luck.

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I studied LaCharity and I have to say it helped. I got A LOT of prioritization questions on the NCLEX. It was on the book list for senior year so I had to buy it. I'm glad I did now.

Thank you all for the input, I really appreciate it!!:) You helped me make my decision to buy it. I ordered it off Amazon and it should be here tomorrow! I cant wait to get started right away. One minute I feel really good about the test, and the next I get real nervous :uhoh3: Im hoping this will prepare me a little more and help to put me on the road to success!!

Thanks Juliekerrmark for the info on the website too. I will def check it out!