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Should I apply to multiple positions in same hospital?

by bonbon1121 bonbon1121 (New) New

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I am an ICU nurse with 3 years experience looking to relocate. The hospital in the area I want to be in has an ICU position and Cath lab position open. I would like to apply to both as I love ICU but have also always been interested in getting cath lab experience. I meet the minimum requirements for the cath lab position but I am obviously more qualified for ICU. Would it look bad to HR to apply for both positions?

MrChicagoRN, RN

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You an experienced RN, so it's a different situation

Go ahead, apply for both, and don't forget a good cover letter.

Lev, BSN, RN

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No, it would not. If you applied to OB and cath lab that would be a different scenario. Even if you applied to ICU and ED or ICU and PACU, I think it would still be ok. ICU experience is a requirement for many cath labs, although some do hire new grads. I hope to do cath lab one day too, but first I need to get an ICU job. Working on that, but first trying to stay at one job for at least a year :)