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Should I accept my first job offer?

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by ABA ABA (New) New Nurse

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I recently graduated with my BSN in December 2019 and passed my NCLEX in February 2020. I have been applying to New Grad programs and jobs in California and have not had much luck until recently.

I recently interviewed for a hospital in the Orange County area and was offered a job there but something seems off about it. This facility's application deadline has been extended 3 weeks past its original closure and are still interviewing applicants. I have applied to many New Grad jobs in California and have never seen them extend the deadline due to the amount of applicants they receive per application cycle. They also have you sign a 2 year contract.

My main concern is about the quality of the program itself. Why is this facility having a hard time finding New Grads? Are people just not applying to this program or are they turning down the offer for a reason? The pay is standard for the area and they gave me my first choice of unit. So far from what I have been seeing, Coronavirus has not really stopped New Grads in California from applying to these positions so I do not think that is the case either. 

Is it stupid of me to turn down this offer for something that I might be overthinking and risk being unemployed for much longer than desired in a saturated market like California? It has only been 4 months since I graduated and 2 months of having a license. I do not have any interviews scheduled at this time but some applications have not opened and some of the facilities that I have also applied to have already sent out their rejections so I have some hope.

Thank you for any advice you may give. 

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