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Michelle Yin has 14 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU.

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  1. New Nurse having trouble finding job in Dallas

    Thank you so much for your help. I am awarded that I might have hard time to find a job without US work experience, but this is something I cannot change, and I willing to keep seeking until I get it. Before that I really want to be prepared as much...
  2. New Nurse having trouble finding job in Dallas

    Thanks for your great information. hope you all doing well. I am an RN in Texas, now live in CA . Plan move to Dallas at end of this year. I want to know, with My BSN plus 8.5 years ICU work experience outside US, will make this easy for me to look f...
  3. New Grad BSN, RN job panic

    First : Did you already passed Uclex ? Second: Which state your license in? Third: Which one is more important to you ? your first RN job ? Or your boyfriend? I believe you will have you would know what to do once you answer my questions above.
  4. Planning to move to Texas

    Thank you for your great advise. I also plan to move to Dallas area at end of this year or maybe sooner than that. I am licensed in Texas already, have my BSN , also 8.5 years ICU work experience outside US, I wonder in Dallas area, would HRs in hosp...

    Sorry for the confusion . I just curious about how the whole transfer things going with you. and since you live in Texas, I wonder why don't you want to work in Texas as RN . As I know California is always packed up for new grads RNs. So I am not sur...

    Thanks for asking. I do not have RN license in CA, but I do have RN license in Texas and New York state.
  7. California Health Corps

    Following . I did the same thing. The different thing from my side is , I do have RN license but not in CA. But I live in CA because my school located here. So far I didn't hear anything from them yet. they did sent me a confirm email . Other than th...

    Hey hope you doing well. So I just wondering are you live in Texas ,and you want to apply license in CA? Cause I am the opposite from you , I live in CA , but I want to move to Texas in the future.
  9. Pregnant RN in Covid MICU

    I totally agree with the comment upstairs. I feel the same , at this moment, as you're pregnant , I believe you should consider yourself and baby more , yes . It's really sucks if stopped job for awhile when we have to, but if this is something we ha...
  10. California Nursing

    H-1B visa holders can bring immediate family members (spouse and children under 21) to the United States under the H-4 visa category as dependents. An H-4 visa holder may remain in the U.S. as long as the H-1B visa holder retains legal status. An H-4...
  11. California Nursing

    Good morning. Thanks for your response. So the thing is it's depends on each one's situation. As I know , many international RNs they do this way, find a school in US, attend nursing program. first year full time student, second year CPT ,half time ...
  12. California Nursing

    That's correct. So the CPT has 20 hours /week for work rule ; it could last one year, after CPT you can apply OPT . If you did full time CPT , then you will loss your OPT opportunity.
  13. Should I accept my first job offer?

    Got it . Glad to hear your good news. Thank you so much for the awesome information you shared with me . Good luck to both of us ! Stay safe and healthy. All the best!
  14. California Nursing

    Hey As I know California has a lot of colleges , universities for nursing program. And for those who wants to be in US as sooner as they want, there're some colleges could help out . Like one college I know, absolutely legal , low tuition fee, you ...
  15. CA BRN Endorsing license to another state

    O man this looks scary. I know how hard to endorse to CA from other state , especially for us as international RNs. They make the rules are harder and harder to get it. So I kind of figured that CA doesn't need RNs as much as before. Then I just endo...