Should enroll in Hurst Review now??

Nursing Students NCLEX


I'm not even sure when I'm going to take the nclex exam because I'm still waiting for my ATT. Should I enroll now or wait untill my ATT arrive. Pls. help!

And Also does the online review video cotains all the topic in ms/ob/pedia/psyche? Thanks

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I did the hurst live review in Jan. I took it about a month before my ATT arrived. After the live review, you still have a lot more work to do on your own. I would go ahead and start if hurst is the one you want to do it with.. As soon as you get you ATT, you will be able to schedule your test. Yes, the online cover all the material that a live review would. But like I said, parts of the review is done on your own but they still guide you through it..

So how's the review? Is it good? Thanks

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I liked it, Marleen so got in my head. I could hear her voice on some of the questions/answers. I did not just use Hurst. I used Hurst for content and kaplan for their strategies which I thought was very helpful.. Some questions are so vague that all the content in the world from hurst will not help you and others all the tricks from the strategies book would not help... I think it was a 50/50. I also did tons of questions from both :)

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