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shortest np program??


what is the shortest np program with the least amount of clinical hours? Eager to get off the floor as an RN!!

Thanks in advance.


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The shortest that I have seen was about 17 months at Samford University in Alabama it's online but, you do have to go to the campus for visits. Univ of Alabama Birmingham is 20mths, I think, and Indiana State is 2-2.5yrs. I think that most schools are required to have over 500 hours of clinical and about 45 credit hours. I can say that NP school is tough and it's a lot of reading. I am doing a 3 year program taking 2 classes a semester and it is very difficult to keep up with everything because it moves so fast. Good Luck

Mercedes, Thanks so much for such a thorough message! apprecitate it.

Vanderbilt has a 12 month program for current BSN's. It's mostly online, requires attendance for 4 days in a row each month and the last 3 months are full time. It is $1,500 a semester hour.

I wouldn't try to find the shortest program and def not skip out on clinical hours. Compared to PAs and MDs we don't do that many clinical hours as it is. I signed up for extra hours to get more Peds experience.

My program was long 7 semesters 2.5 years FT, taking 13-14 credits including clinicals and working 32 hours/week, and taking 6-8 credits in the summers. I don't see how you could even complete all the clinical hours and lectures in 12 months.. unless you don't work, but even then sounds sketchy. My school was #1 for PNPs and I think #2 for FNPs in the US. (U Colorado)

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University of Miami. 11 months- Family Nurse Practitioner. 560 clinical hours.

University of Miami. 11 months- Family Nurse Practitioner. 560 clinical hours.

In Ohio or FL? I was enrolled (before I transferred) at UM in Miami, FL and it was 2 years long 4 semesters with summers off for work/clinicals.