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Alisabeth has 14 years experience as a BSN, MSN, DNP and specializes in FNP, Surgery.

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  1. Grand Canyon University ACNP-AG

    That’s great! How are the clinical rotations handled? Do you find your own preceptor, does the school assist? Interested in this program.
  2. How did you go from working in the OR to becoming an FNP? I'm asking because that might end up being what I do, but am not sure exactly how to reach my goal of becoming an FNP if my only experience is working in ORs. Unless that's totally normal, I'm still learning.

  3. Public transit to get to/from work?

    I live in Miami- no. I live right in the Brickell (downtown) area where the metro rail, and metro mover are heavily used. Insist on a rental car. The Miami public transportation is not like New York.
  4. Florida FNP

    I’m a locum as well. I have done multiple locums all over Florida. I’m staring another locum in Miami this summer. Southwest Fl, the market is tough if you’re not bilingual. However they still have corporales health, corrections locums that don’t req...
  5. Surgical Nurse Practitioner best route

    I am a surgical NP, an I absolutely love my job. I was an OR nurse, and I agree with Alicia777 it really helps you get your foot in the door. I am family nurse practitioner, because I did not want me to have limits on the patient ages I could see. I ...
  6. Locum Tenens Rates

    I have been doing locums work as an NP for several years now, and I love it. The hourly pay to me seems to depends on the location and specialty. Family practice typically pays less, surgical assignments pay higher. Some companies are W2, others are...
  7. St. Vincent- Santa Fe, NM

    I am starting a travel nurse practitioner assignment at St. Vincent Hospital the end of March. Has anyone traveled through their recently? Would love to hear about the area/hospital. I will be working in ortho trauma surgery department.
  8. Traveling FNP

    Yes, I am a FNP who travels. I traveled as an RN and wanted to continue as an FNP. You're right it is very hard to find information for traveling nurse practitioners. Below is the link to my post regarding traveling as an NP. I had posted this previo...
  9. NICU nurse to FNP

    Definitely keep your NICU PRN job, sounds like it works well with your school schedule. My BF was a NICU RN for 4 years before she became an Adult NP. She had no problem transitioning over. Your NP clinicals will help you feel more comfortable and ...
  10. New grad, no job, need help.

    Have you considered doing a locum/travel assignment? Some assignments take new grads . It could help you get some NP experience and locums always pays way more than a regular job. Just a thought. The FL job market is awful :-/ and most jobs here want...
  11. Trigger point injections

    I have never had to get any type of special approval to do trigger points. They are very easy to perform and yes the patients love them! You could always check with your BON
  12. NP Timeline

    I had all my paperwork into the Texas BON- so they were just waiting on my test results. I had my Tx license within a month. Congratulations!!
  13. FNP school recommendations in Miami, FL

    Congratulations on your acceptance! FNP/ACNP were together in some of the same classes, so you will get to know people in both programs. The job market is tough in SoFL, especially if you are not fully fluent in Spanish. However, a lot of my friends ...
  14. Job market for new grads

    The UM FNP program is tough. I think they make it that way to ensure their 100% passing rate on the board exam. The first semester is the most difficult and heaviest class workload. I think once you make it through the first semester it's gets much b...
  15. FNP school recommendations in Miami, FL

    The UM FNP program is tough. I think they make it that way to ensure their 100% passing rate on the board exam. The first semester is the most difficult and heaviest class workload. It was referred to as the "weed out" semester. Out of 37 students in...