Short term housing in Burlington

U.S.A. Vermont


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Hi I'm a travel nurse about to start a 3 month assignment and am looking for a fully furnished apartment in Burlington. Does anyone know where to go to find this? Thank you.

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The Holiday Inn Express in South Burlington has monthly rates, though it's pricey. The Maple Leaf on Shelburne Rd. in S. Burlington has long-term rates and a somewhat sketchy clientele.

When I first moved here, I needed temporary housing for 3 months. I put an ad on Craigslist and found a room to rent. If you're paying for your own housing, that could save you some money.

How is your contract going underthemoonicp6? I will be also traveling to Burlington for a contract from the southeast. Were you able to find housing? I've decided to let my company provide the housing since I'm not familiar with the area.

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