Short CNA classes in the Denver area?


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does anyone know of a short (couple weeks maybe?) CNA class? I live in Highlands Ranch, so close to here would be great. I'd be fine with traveling a bit if it were nights and/or weekends. I just looked up board certified CNA programs and there are a TON so I was hoping some people on here had some suggestions about known programs (location, length, cost) so I can narrow down my search. Thanks!


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Try National American University in Denver. Easy drive for you...north on I25 to Colorado Blvd. I went through their CNA program in '09; it was 3 days a week for about 5 weeks (included clinicals); I don't know if they offer night or weekend classes. At the time I went it cost $500.00 for everything.

Also look into Arapahoe Community College; C470 to Santa Fe. I don't know the cost or length of their program but I'm sure all the information is on the school website.


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I just started at Compass Nursing Arts in Lafayette. Kathy is an RN who just started the school in October, and I am in her third class. The small class size is wonderful! She offers three sessions and the one I am in will be three weeks long. I know she is thinking of offering a class during spring break that would be one week long.

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Several community colleges offer 2 or 4 week long CNA classes and don't cost $500.


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try pickens tech :)