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    I hope you can find your place. Keep your head up and focus on the positives. You care, that is why you are so in tune to the frustrations you see around you. That is an amazing quality! As an OR RN, I LOVE the land of surgery, but my skill sets are very different than the ED or floor. However, as one that responds to traumas in the ED from the OR, you would be more knowledgeable and more aware of the process. I think you would be a big asset to the team. See if there are any positions open, or speak to the director of PACU/Surgery. Good luck!
  2. 0603lcs

    Why is getting my IL RN license so hard?

    I just received my license...but I wish it had been clearer on the automatic responses during the application process. I feel that the generic response about the FBI was unnecessary and I did not complete a background check, even though it told be to. Are you in the state of IL now, or did you submit from out of state? I would advise going to one of the digital fingerprint places if possible. In Colorado, where I was living at the time, only two places were open in the state, so I waited until moving to IL to do it. It was a bit of a mess. One suggestion, you could try applying for a temporary Covid license in the meantime. Best of luck. I'm sorry you're in this mess, but know you're not alone in frustrations.
  3. I am trying to get my Illinois RN license (I am active in CO), and it is a mess. I read all the requirements, paid a small fortune for all the items required (transcripts, fingerprints, license verification, application and temp. license) and submitted my application. My current status is all Failed/Rejected in every category. Can anyone tell me if this is temporary and will be updated at some point or do I have to submit another application? I am also confused on the FBI requirements - in the instructions on the IDFPR website, it says that instate fingerprints no longer need to have the FBI card, but my 'Failed/Rejected' category says this: "Complete background check within 60 days of application. Go to your local police authority and request fingerprinting on an FBI card. Go to the following link and chose a vendor that accepts and processes the paper card. https://www.idfpr.com/LicenseLookUp/fingerprintlist.asp Contact the vendor for instructions on where to send the card and what their processing fee is." Any help/advice is very appreciated 😁
  4. No. The only thing we received was a letter of acceptance. I emailed the office to ask for a calender, and was told we would see something soon. I will post if I hear anything on when it will be available. By the way, have you taken ethics yet? We got an email about registering for a session, either Aug-Oct or Oct-Dec. Best of luck on getting in. I can only imagine how stressed out you must be planning for something without notice!
  5. I don't know how many alternates there are, but I remember the folks at Regis talking about a simple ranking of applicants where they just take the top 80 or so, then a few after that number are alternates, so the #81 would be next, #82, so on... I'm sure there will be people who don't attend, but you would have to ask Regis to know what the numbers were this year. Best of luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
  6. Glad to hear someone else with kids will be going through the program. I have two, 4 and 6, and it will an interesting challenge for all of us! Congrats to you both! I too was applying to Chicago schools (where I'm from before moving to Longmont 4 yrs ago), and totally preparing to move back. Whew! I'm glad the decisions are made and we can start planning the rest of the year out. For those who didn't make it this year, keep trying and I think volunteering at the hospital and going through a CNA course was a huge advantage in my application.
  7. Congrats alamosa! :)
  8. I'd rather not share everything on a post. I will say that I took all the advice I could from my instructors and nurses I know on what to do to gain experience before applying.
  9. Good luck nvck1! Alternative is so much better than a 'no.' Fingers crossed for you.
  10. I am so excited. I hope the letter has more information on what to do next. I plan on taking ethics this fall online. Have you taken it yet? I understand Regis' class is 8 weeks, so there is plenty of time. I am more worried about getting all the certifications done before we start. :)
  11. CONGRATS! :)
  12. I got my acceptance email today too! I can't wait to get the actual letter to have more information. Congrats friendly keno!
  13. I did, but submitted my app back in March. CU is an amazing program I have heard nothing but good things about. I would have applied there too, but I graduated the first time in 2004, which put some of my classes beyond the 10 year time limit they have. I didn't want to have to take all those basic classes over again! I'm sure you will hear from Regis about having received your app soon. I bet it was only that you were so close to the deadline that you weren't on the email list yet. The email was basically this: "....Your application has been received and verified by NursingCAS. We also see that all materials have been submitted and your application is considered complete! What's next? We are currently in the process of reviewing completed applications and we will be inviting our top candidates to interview for the program during the last week of July..." Good Luck!
  14. Where else are you applying? Did you receive an email from Regis this week about receiving and reviewing your applications? I figured out that if they did receive 300 apps for Jan, then we have about a 26% chance of getting in. Fingers crossed!
  15. 0603lcs


    I have lived up in Longmont (45 min. North of Den) for almost 4 yrs after having been born and raised near Chicago . While I don't know the denver area too well, there are so many activities in the surrounding areas that you will love. Check out Pearl St. in Boulder for a real taste of the Boulder ways. Head out to Estes and Rocky Mountain Nat. Park for elk viewing and light hiking. Then, when feeling the need to escape, head up to Vail, Avon or Breckenridge for a long weekend surrounded by AMAZING views and fresh air. Enjoy!
  16. I wanted to start a topic for those applying to Regis' absn program with the January 2014 start. Since the June 15th application deadline is fast approaching, lets keep one another up to date on when we hear and who is interviewing. I submitted my application in late March, giving myself plenty of time to decompress over the stress of it. Now, with days remaining, the anticipation of finding out anything is getting the best of me. How do you all feel?