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Hi everyone! I got accepted into RN program at shoreline community college for spring quarter 2014 I also got accepted into BSN program at UW (Fall 2014). I dont' know which school and way is better for me: to start RN at Shoreline and then do my BSN or to go straight to BSN program at UW. Please give me an advise.


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I would personally go for UW. Employers around here are becoming more keen on hiring BSNs. If you desire a BSN in the future, it would probably be less expensive to do it first rather than doing a BSN completion later. I didn't go to school around here so can't comment of the programs themselves.

Go to UW, its hard to get a job with just an ADN degree.


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BSN sounds like it will get you to where you need to go faster than RN to BSN. Congratulations on getting accepted at Shoreline and the UW; they are both excellent schools.

I think that it depends on a few different factors and how they relate to you. Personally, I would go to Shoreline and then seek my BSN through an easy online course through . It is far less expensive than attending UW for their BSN program. Yes, it may take longer but it would probably save you money. I disagree that it is more difficult to find a job with just an ADN, but I would agree that it is easier to secure a job when you have a BSN.

I think a lot of people have the misconception also that you get pain more as a RN with a BSN over an RN with a ASN. It is based on experience.


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I would choose UW if it were me. One, the tuition your paying for UW compared to an ADN program plus a bridge is only a few thousand dollars more (roughly 5k). You are done with all required education (aside from continuing educations) in two years compared to roughly three to three an a half years. So you don't have to balance work, school, and life longer than need be. Also some places do pay you a dollar more a hour than and ADN. As someone said it is easier to a certain degree to obtain a job with a BSN. With so many community colleges around pumping new grad ADNs every single quarter, you may as well have a leg up on them with a BSN.


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First of all, congratulations on being accepted at two excellent programs! You really can't lose with either choice.

That said, if your ultimate goal is a BSN, I'd go for the UW right off the bat. The reasons have been well-stated by others and I won't repeat them.

I'll be starting Shoreline this fall but I'm going to apply to the UW's ABSN program in October. If (as seems likely) I don't get in to the UW, I will still be an RN in another year. I'd be willing to leave Shoreline halfway through my program to get a BSN from the UW; if I had the choice between the two programs right now it would be the UW in a heart beat.

Wishing you the best whatever you decide.

Congrats on getting accepted! Being a new graduate with an ASN, I would recommend going for your bachelors to begin with and do the UW track. This is because BSN's are becoming a necessity to have in the Seattle area.

Good luck!!


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For those of you who got into the fall nursing program, what's it like? Schedule? Clinical hours?!


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SeattleJess could you email me with information about Shorelines program? I applied and would like to know more :) tiffanymorris285@yahoo


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Hi guys!

What is the lowest GPA to get accepted into SCC nursing program? I understand the material well and love studying. However, my anxiety is getting the best of me while taking the frustrating!!! For those of you that made it into Shoreline cc, congrats! What were your lowest GPAS? I want to know if I have a chance. Much apprecciated


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They are point based on acceptance. So it really also depends on how many points you will get for work experience and volunteering to make up for lower GPA. For the most part mostly A's maybe some B's depending on the above and who else is applying.

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