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I'm going to be starting a new position as a Unit Tech in a CCU in a couple of weeks. I'll be working two 12 hour weekend shifts and one 8 hour weeknite shift and I really don't want to have achy, swollen feet!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to which type/brand of shoes are the best? I'd hate to spend $60 or more on shoes only to find out that they hurt my feet. I've heard some good things about Cherokee Rockers RClogz and Birkenstocks Super Birki or Professional Clogs. Any experiences with these or other shoes? Also, which shoes should I avoid? I've heard NurseMates are horrible. My feet thank you :D !!


I have nursemates and if I had to be on my feet more that 2 clinical days I would get a better pair. They are not the best shoes. Many people just get a good pair of nike ect that are all white. I have asked about the clogs and many people love them.(and they come in great colors :)

Are you allowed to wear all white sneakers? Sketchers makes a comfy all white sneaker! I have a pair and I use them for when I exercise. I'll me starting as a Unit Secretary soon (Don't know if that's the same as a Unit Tech or not) and I plan on getting myself another pair of Sketchers!!! :)

There seem to be a lot of posts about shoes lately! They are so important! There's nothing worse than aching feet! I have a pair of Easy Spirits, I belive the style is Enconquerer. They are great!

I JUST got a pair of Rockers all white leather clogs and they're GREAT!! I've only worn them one day so far, but they feel like slippers! I would definitely reccommend them.:D

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Nursemates suck. Don't even waste your money on them.. Personally, I like Reebok. I have tried different brands of "nursing" shoes and find myself always going back to Reeboks Comfort walk DMX II. They are all white and are way more comfortanle than rockers and nursemates. you just hae to find a shoe that you like and hope the company doesn't discontinue it!

Good luck!


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