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how to do sheets when pt can't turn


how do you do occupied bed making when the pt can't turn to the side due to bad joints? or even give them peri care? any tips?

Try getting a partner to help you and use the draw sheet to move the patient from side to side. Even if you do it with out a partner the draw sheet works miracles. Good Luck!

Yes Nina got it right. Draw sheets/pads are wonderful for moving side to side and Helping to flip immoble patients to their side. Two people helping makes it easier on the patients as well and helps to prevent the little hurts that we CNAs happen to do to our residents when we are trying to provide care. That is one of the things I HATE the most when you are trying to move someone, or help them stand extra and you hear them say a small "Owe"

Just be as careful as you can when you are moving a patient like this, and remember YOUSELF as well. You don't want to strain your back by trying to do to much. Those that can not help you turn can feel like you are trying to move a lead balloon. Draw sheets and pads do the work for you.

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If they're in pain, it's best to get someone else to help you.

First of all, you want to get them as far over to the edge of the bed closest to you as you safely can, so that when they turn to the other direction, they aren't on top of the rail or in danger of falling out.

Depending on how much they are able to bend, you can either cross their legs at the ankles, (right foot over left if they are turning left, etc), or if they are able, have them bend at the knee. ALso having them reach with the opposite side to which they are turning helps a lot, if they are able/as much as they're able.

Then, use the draw sheet, but be careful if they have fragile skin, because pulling too hard will rip a fragile bottom. Have the person on the other side pull it towards them, while you gently push from your side. Have your partner hold them there.

Once they are turned as much as they can, tuck all the sheets under them as far as they will go, and put the new sheets on and tuck THOSE as far as they will go, but make sure they are under the dirty sheets, with a chuck in between if needed.

Then, roll the pt back to the opposite side, (yes they will roll over a hump) and pull the dirty sheets out and finish tucking the clean ones in.

Should be able to do it in one roll, each way.


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There are many videos on YouTube, including this one:

It helps if the patient has bed rails and can hold on to them. Even if s/he has trouble turning because of bad joints, s/he can at least help stabilize his/her body and moderate the pain that way. If the patient can't assist at all, do it as a two-person assist (like Glycerin said.) Can't see how you could safely do pericare if the person can't hold a side position.

The key when you do have to change bedding in these patients is making sure they've had some pain meds before you do it(if that's possible).

Unfortunately there isn't a magical technique I've discovered other than log rolling them as gently as possible, and maybe finding out which side is less painful and having them roll that way first, so you don't have to roll them as far coming the other way. As other people have said the draw sheet is your friend.