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Well... the big end of the quarter, Med Surg final is almost here. While I usually always get B's on finals, I usually get A's on the previous exams. I'm not complaining about B's but this time I'd really like to get an A on the final.

Please share any tips you might have that worked on studying for a final exam.


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I make study guides of the objectives for each class, and then I also study the sections of the NCLEX book that correspond. The nclex questions sometimes show up word for word, or similar!

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I do the same as hippinurse. I look at my objectives for each section and make sure that I understand them. I review vocabulary and charts and graphs that are in my texts. I save all of my quizzes, papers, in class assignments and review them. Then I whip out my handy dandy NCLEX practice book and make sure I can answer those questions and have a good handle on the rationale behind the answers! Good luck! My final for OB/Peds is coming at the end of June! :)


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Mine is coming up next week...

I take all of my notes from the first day of class, put them in a pile together and read them through start to finish as many times as I can handle!

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