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It's one of those days where I'm wondering what in the world I'm doing trying to be a nurse. I've got one pre-req left and I'm already exhausted; work is extra-wild today; and I'm just in a grumpy mood in general. What gets you through days like this without throwing in the towel? Any anecdotes or stories that inspire you? Movies, cartoons, books? General feelings about how this will all be worth it someday? Share yours, and I'll share mine when I remember what it is!

What really and truly inspire me, no matter what I'm doing, is taking out my cell phone and looking at all of the pictures of my wife and daughter. They are my motivation, inspiration, and without question, the main reason I do anything that will better myself.

It sounds corny, but my Husband. He's in the Air Force. While he loves his job NOW, I know this life is taxing and very hard at times. I just want him to have a "choice" and not have to renlist because "we need healthcare", 'they give us a place to live". I'm hoping that nursing provides us with stability, so that if he should want to leave when his contract is up, we can still manage until he finds a job.

Also, I want a family, and it costs money for that. :rotfl:

My motivation is too help people in general. I believed Im here to help people on dire need or if they are lonely. I also feel a sense of pride when it comes to nursing (to journey to become an LVN/LPN and up) because not every Tom, Mary, or Bessie can blow on through and get their ADN or CPN without wanting or really trying. I love to see the expressions on people's faces when someone is there to listen to them or help them when no one else would or could. My second wind is I have a family and I want a child of my own (currently im a stepdad) and I want the best for him or her.

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Thanks all!

Wanting to help others and be a part of a healthcare team is usually more than enough for me to want to keep going, but weeks like this past one require a little something extra. Thanks for reminding me about the importance of being my best for my family; that will be the strongest motivator of all.

I am in nursing because I was born for it. I helped take care of grandma when she died. Then my dad was diagnosed with stage four throat cancer and I took care of him as well. Now my mom lives with me. Her car was hit by a semi and she suffered two strokes. I never waivered or thought twice. I knew it was the right thing. I have also been a CNA for 12 years and have very ggod ideas buty no one ever listens to a CNA. It is frustrating! Good luck and keep your head in the game! I am going to school year round (meaning two classes a summer semester instead of taking off), raising two kids and taking care of my mother. If I can do it you cacn too!!

I was a bad student in high school, & for a time I thought I just wasnt smart. In reality I just didn't apply myself & I was completely immature!

I remember my first day of a&p 1 and the instructor said "more than half of you aren't going to make it through this class!"-- real encouraging right? He was right, & by the time the final rolled around my class had shrunk, we went from 60 people to 18! I spent a lot of time in my life searching for the "easy way", but I came to realize that there is no easy way, and that the path of least resistance isn't so fulfilling at all.

I've def had times while completing some of my tougher pre-req classes where I questioned if this was worth it, but then I remember how far I've come and how much I've learned.. I would like to provide a good life for my children and have a job that is fulfilling and challenging, & nursing has challenged me and has given me a great sense of accomplishment (im not in a nursing program yet, but ya know what I mean).

I remind myself

"obsessed is what the weak call dedicated"

You hung in there through some tough courses, courses that make some people change their major completely! The strength and knowledge you'll gain when it's all over are the tools that will lead you to getting that job that makes it all WORTH IT!

Haha ok I drank too much coffee(-;

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It's not easy to stay motivated but a few things keep me going as I am only about 10 months from being done with my ASN.

First, having a good career that I feel will open so many doors for me is a major motivator. Right now I have an Associate's in General Education and that's just not doing much at all. Second, knowing that when I do get out and find a job that it will pay more than I have made previously without a degree. Third, being an example for my children. I want them to know that they can do anything they want to and not to quit when it gets hard, no matter what happens.

Of course I decided to go in to nursing to help people and it's always in the back of my mind. Currently it's not a great motivator because I'm already in nursing school and I need other things to keep me going.

Good luck!

I always just think of how far I've come.. I can't quit now. I know the world needs nurses and I know I want to be a nurse!

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McMullin30, thanks for your story. It sounds like you've been through a lot, and you are truly making the most of it. I would never wish the experience of caring for/losing loved ones on anyone, but I guess it helps you be absolutely sure of the path you're taking. I've never had to do that before, so sometimes I wonder how I'll do when taking care of patients. But that's why I'm going to school first: once I know how to respond, I'll be able to do it right!

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Haha, this is so true. I remember the first time I took A & P I - five years ago. I was an English major and wanted to "try something different." Flunked the heck outta the class. I was so nervous about retaking it when I decided I wanted to be a nurse (English and Psych degrees don't lead to the best jobs, oddly enough), but it's incredible what just a little effort will do for you! You're right; I don't want to give up on this now when I've already laid the groundwork for a good run in nursing school. Thanks for the pep talk!

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