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Shadow Interview Tips?


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Hey, so I have a shadow/interview at my dream job at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta -Scottish Rite in their PICU coming up and am looking for any and all tips. I have a small notebook I am going to bring and I’m going to try to come up with questions between now and the interview and while shadowing. Basically, I’ll arrive in time for morning huddle, shadow for 4 hours and then have my interview.

They told me during the phone conversation to wear scrubs but in the email I got it said to wear scrubs but bring a business professional outfit to change into.

I know CHOA is highly competitive. This is essentially my third time applying. The first time for their residency, I didn’t make it past the digital interview, the second time a recruiter reached out to me and we talked for a bit but I never heard back, this third time I submitted the application, got an email to talk on the phone, then got another phone call to come in and shadow/interview all within a week so it’s gone fast and this is the furthest I’ve gotten so I’m excited but still trying not to get my hopes up. I do have almost 2 years NICU experience now when applying so maybe that’s playing a big factor. All I know is I want this job SO BAD! My current job is a “nurses eat their young” NICU and even having almost two years experience, I am bullied and picked on, and ridiculed daily. So if you have any tips that can get me away from this crazy place please let me know

Hi! I followed your last post and wanted to get input on your last hospital. I will be starting as a NICU nurse there and I'm worried about what you said about the bullying environment. Allnurses won't let me send a private message to you but could you let me know what your experience was like or how you survived a year and a half there? Any tips or suggestions you could give me?

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Specializes in NICU/PICU. Has 3 years experience.

Hey! I would love to talk to you at length about my experiences and tips and such, but I would also prefer to do it privately. Hopefully in the next day or two you will be approved to receive private messages! 

VanillaTwilight18, BSN, RN

Specializes in NICU/PICU. Has 3 years experience.

You need 15 posts to be able to receive private messages! As soon as you reach that and have enough I’ll private message you a lot of info! 


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Do any of the nurses here know if pre-nursing school students are ever able to shadow ICU nurses and if so how do I go about making that happen? I am a CNA but I have no hospital experience so I would love to get a feel of the environment to help direct me. 

Also, how do ICU nurses avoid burnout if their hospitals aren't supportive?