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  1. RN1485

    Bombed my interview

    Hello, I’ve been away for a while, but I wanted to share a humiliating experience to see if anyone else has had something similar happen. For the past 3.5 years I’ve been working as a CM in an outpatient setting. Got my CCM in September so I wanted to start looking at new career possibilities. I’ve had 3 interviews this past week for a position in case management/utilization review. Normally, when I interview, I get a lot of fluff questions and situational questions. Those I am use to. However, I interviewed for an insurance company yesterday and holy hell I thought I was on a game of jeopardy. Here is an example: what does MRI stand for and what is it? What does CT stand for? What’s the difference? What is a carotid endarterectomy and who performs it? What is a CABG? What is hepatic encephalopathy? What the eff?! I was so flustered and totally unprepared that I literally could not think of what an MRI stands for! I said medical resonance imaging! 🤦‍♀️ I couldn’t think of what encephalopathy was! So I guess my question is, is this typical for an insurance company to ask these types of questions? I kind of get why they did, but damn! Anyways, thanks for reading my rant!
  2. I have just graduated from nursing school and so far I have been called for 6 interviews and failed all of them. I get really nervous and it shows on the way that I give my answer. I am getting very discouraged because the more negative responses I get the more nervous I get, vicious cycle I know but I cant help it.
  3. Jordanmedical

    Interview for my dream job

    I am a new grad and due to my persistence and contact (classmate recently hired after doing her practicum on this unit), I have an interview in my dream unit in my dream hospital for an L&D position. I need all the advice possible to note screw this up. I recently got a job offer I have to turn down for this. I am an internal employee and I know how hard it is to get L&D as a new grad so any tips for my interview are greatly appreciated. (My background: I have a previous B.S. in pre med psych and just earned my ASN plus start my RN to BSN next month, I have been a nurse tech for a year at the same employer but a different hospital)
  4. Dear Caught Off Guard, It really depends. If a manager is looking for a nurse with equivalent experience to jump right in with minimal orientation, they may ask about particular drugs, drips and device management. For example, a manager interviewing an ICU traveler may want to make sure they’ve had recent and like experience. In your case, you are a Stepdown nurse and it’s expected that Stepdown has a different level of intensity and interventions than ICU. The questions sound more like quizzing than interviewing. You are right, you should expect to talk about your skills and experience and be evaluated for a good fit for the unit. A good response would be “While those drips were not administered in Stepdown, I prioritize patient safety above all else. I always make sure I’m familiar with drugs and side effects before I administer them. I look forward to learning new skills and advancing my practice.” I would say that either the manager was evaluating you for your learning needs, or perhaps was just an inexperienced interviewer. Sometimes new nurse managers, having just come from the bedside, focus overly much on clinical tasks and skills, because it’s all they know until they gain experience. Managing a patient on an Amiodarone drip can easily be taught. Aptitude and teachability, not so much.