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  1. lmichelle25

    Struggling! LPN School

    I also went to LVN school without much of a healthcare background while also being a single mom who was out of school for like a decade. I was so sure I'd fail, I made backup plans for a new major or new career. Surprisingly, I made straight A's and went on to get my ADN and made straight A's through that program too. You just have to be in a place mentally where you understand this is the most important thing for the next year or so and you won't let anything get in the way.
  2. lmichelle25

    6 Interviews But Failed All Of Them

    I graduated in December and, luckily, was hired and started working last month. However, I'm in a fairly small area in Texas where they need a lot of nurses. But I've heard of places that wait until you pass your NCLEX to hire you or might actually be oversaturated due to the location. Either way, my interviews happened in a job fair atmosphere and I doubt I would've been hired if I had to do a 1 on 1 interview. I have certain tics that pop up when I'm nervous and I will literally go blank if I get asked an unexpected question. Before the interviews, I watched YT videos on nursing interview questions and typed up my responses. They asked really similar questions and I was prepared enough to tweak my answers and make them fit. If you get really anxious like me, definitely do all that you can to prepare. The beta blocker I'm prescribed for migraines probably helped a little too 😂 Good luck!
  3. lmichelle25

    Why do I always look high at work?

    I like the Lumify eye drops. My eyes get red easily as well, so it's worth a try!
  4. lmichelle25

    I want to be a nurse but im not good at math

    The good thing is that you at least have your mother's support. When I was a teenager, my mother was extremely discouraging and didn't pass up a chance to let me know how dumb I was or what I screw up I was. Needless to say, that wasn't helpful and took me a long time to get over. Fast forward a few years, I've gone back to school and made consistent A's in every college class, even in algebra and statistics. And there is plenty of help out there if you need it-in the form of tutoring, Kahn Academy, etc., so please don't think that a math class can keep you from becoming a nurse. You got this!
  5. lmichelle25

    Student Charge Nurse out of line

    I can see both sides. You said yourself that you tripped over your words, so maybe that caused her to question what you were telling her. Not that it was okay she went to ask the other student if she saw it, but she did. I would also be offended if that happened to me. Maybe take this annoying experience as an opportunity that you can use to become more confident in your abilities. Because things are going to mess up or happen and you'll have to do things manually or get help or whatever, but if you know you did it whatever you were doing correctly, then have confidence in that BP or that blood sugar, etc. So, don't be defensive, but be confident. And then when it's your turn to be the student charge, you can do the same thing to her. (just kidding...wink)
  6. lmichelle25

    Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

    Maybe the OP should consider a different department if things like this are so bothersome. So what if she "looks" unhealthy, poor, or a waste of resources. Those things make her undeserving and therefore she should be mocked, treated badly, and discharged immediately? Instead of worrying about her income and eating habits, why are you not mad about the state of healthcare and how it's almost out of reach for our country's poorest? That the people in poverty have little choice but to go to the emergency room with complaints that people with health insurance would go to the PCP for? That's what upsets me-people living below the poverty line, children, etc that don't have resources to seek better medical treatment and are therefore forced to go to the ER and get treated badly because some of the staff thinks they're "undeserving" of their precious resources that in all actuality cost very little but are ridiculously inflated. Those are the things that make me mad. I also get upset when people are discriminated against, but that's just me.
  7. lmichelle25

    Changing Majors

    Were you dismissed because of your grades in the nursing program? If so, I wouldn't let that be a deterent. When I first started college, my life was hectic, to say the least, and I ended up failing and withdrawing from a good chunk of my classes. About 5 years later, when I went back, it was all A's baby! I surprised myself! I'm telling you that story because maybe you just need to get to the root of what caused you to be dismissed from the program. Was it grades? Okay, why? Did you have to work full time and that cut into studying? Was it something else? Okay, why? Once you get that straightened out, I think you should give it another try if it's really what you want. Otherwise, there are a lot of options! As OsceanSN2019, getting your LVN is a great option to get your feet wet with the added benefit of continuing your education and becoming an RN. But if you think the same mistakes are going to keep happening in regards to your grades, then I really suggest (from experience) that you correct the problem because failing 4 more classes will only bring your gpa and possilby your self esteem lower. And they're both extremely difficult to correct. Good luck!
  8. lmichelle25

    Overwhelmed CNA

    Keep asking questions as needed. People don't mind helping or answering questions as much as our fears make us believe. Maybe the CNA that trained you would be good to go back and ask questions to or if you see another CNA you oriented with, you can talk with each other about what you've learned and what you feel you're lacking. When I was a CNA (at 16, mind you) I was young, inexperienced, and had a TON of questions. There was one nurse in particular who was very receptive to my questions and did a great job of answering them and she helped my confidence immenseley. I hope you can ingratiate yourself with the nurses and CNAs and find your fave to run to with questions! Good luck!!
  9. What are you hoping to gain from this? Why call a private attorney instead of the dept of health or human services or the medicaid and medicare fraud line to ask about/and/or report your suspicions?
  10. lmichelle25

    New grad sinking fast

    I think it's fair to say that she's precepted new grads before, so I doubt you're anything different to gossip about. It's normal to feel like all eyes are on you when feel like you don't belong or that you're making mistakes, but I doubt that's actually happening as much as you think. People have their own stuff going on and talking about another new grad probably isn't at the top of their list, so get that idea out of your head if you can. From what I read, it's making you feel incredibly self conscious and anxious, which will only hinder your thinking abilities. I would suggest trying to do whatever you can to cope with your stress in a healthy way and try and clear your mind and only focus on the job and what needs to be done, etc. Kind of like if you're really nervous before an exam, that will cloud your mind and there's a good chance you'll bomb it. And try not to let your emotions get involved. You're there for business, just like everyone else, so worry about yourself because no one else will do it for you! Good luck!!
  11. lmichelle25

    PDN... did I commit career suicide

    I would also add to have confidence in your abilities as a nurse and if you are interviewing with a prospective hospital, then make sure to talk about all the qualities you bring to the table. Maybe you don't have floor experience, but orientation and training will help with that. You obviously have patience, dedication, and follow through to be your own boss and travel an hour or more to and from your patients for more than a decade and a half! That's impressive! Also, I know LTC has been mentioned, what about a home health ageny if you enjoy the automony and one on one patient care WITH insurance benefits? Just a thought. You have marketable skills and options, so don't feel limited or less than capable of anything! Good luck!!
  12. lmichelle25

    Very concerned

    Maybe your preceptor seems angry towards you because she doesn't want any blame placed on her for not being more aware of what you were doing and telling you things like "use your brain" as a response to your questions? Don't take it personally, it seems like it might be self preservation on her part instead of using this to become a better preceptor. I'm sorry you had to go through this, but I'm sure you'll be better equipped to handle a situation like this in the future. So, hopefully, that will help you sleep and feel better about how things went. I hope you end up with a preceptor who is better suited to educate new nurses on the floor! Good luck!
  13. lmichelle25

    Break up during school

    OP, the good thing is that nursing school will provide you with stability and a lot of like-minded peers and new friends! I love the idea that you're moving back in with one of your parents until you're done with school! Hopefully, that will help relieve a lot of your burdens and worries and let you focus your time and energy! Good luck!!
  14. lmichelle25

    drug testing for nursing school

    If you're worried about failing a drug test and you're unable to stop yourself from doing whatever at the risk of possibly being kicked out of nursing school and never being able to return, then I would suggest putting your acceptance on hold (some will let you hold off until the next year if you need to, so maybe check with your program) until you get to the root of the problem and get your life in order. I hope you listen to everyone's advice and consider the possible reprocussions of failing a drug test in school, or worse, practicing under the influence. Please consider your options and maybe talk to a professional about why you're having a hard time stopping whatever has a hold on you. Best of luck!!
  15. lmichelle25

    Is nursing school really awful?

    I'm glad you found something you love, MykRTstudent!!
  16. lmichelle25

    Vaccines for school

    At my school, which is in Texas (if that matters) will not let you go to clinicals and then you'll eventually be withdrawn from classes without the required vaccinations or titers. Which makes sense. Just search "infant with whooping cough" on youtube and you'll see one of the many, many reasons why the pertussis vaccine and booster are so important. And that's not even including the other required vaccines and what could be transmitted without them. They also won't accept medical or religious reasons for not having the required vaccinations.