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Anyone good with APA? I am writing a paper about my Shadow Health experience (**** ***** was my patient), and I am unsure how to cite Shadow Health in APA format. Anyone able to point me in the right place? I just moved, and my APA book has gone MIA...

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If that is the patients name you need to edit and remove it from your post. HIPAA!

I have no idea what Shadow Health is either, and what are you citing in your paper? A book, journal, interview?

If you need to reference your patient you can use Initials or a pseudonym and use Ms. Jane Doe the first time then Ms. Doe after that.

A google search will lead you to sites that can tell you how to use APA, just make sure you are using the correct edition (most current is 6th).

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If that is the patients name you need to edit and remove it from your post. HIPAA!
Tina Jones is a prototypical patient and animated character on the Shadow Health modules. 'She' is not a real patient, but rather an animated character, similar to Minnie Mouse.

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There is a multitude of online sites that can help you with APA formatting without needing the book. Just make sure you use one from a reputable source, such as a college or university.



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Purdue University OWL is one of the "gold standard" websites for everything APA. Should have everything you need.



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Good afternoon! My name is Brooke, and I'm the Marketing Product Manager at Shadow Health. We're excited that you're writing a paper about your experience with Shadow Health!

I checked in with our team about how to cite our technology in APA, and they shared the following with me. Please note that this is for the Health Assessment DCE -- if you are using the Pharmacology or Advanced Health Assessment DCE, you'll want to adjust the first part of the citation accordingly.

Health Assessment Digital Clinical Experience (2017) [Computer software]. Gainesville, FL: Shadow Health.

I hope this helps! If we can help in any other way, please don't hesitate to let us know by emailing