Sexism against men in nursing

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  1. Is it sexist to expect men to perform chest compressions?

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A few questions: Is it sexist for female nurses to rely on the men in the unit to perform chest compressions? If not, what is your opinion? Is sexist the appropriate word describe this behavior. Ladies, do you ask the men on the unit to perform chest compressions? Fellas, do you acquiesce?[h=1][/h]

I would say no, as general strength is more likely to be the criteria for selection. In cases where a male and female are "equal" in most ways, the man wil statistically be the stronger one.

I don't think it's sexist, I think it's biology. And I think a sixty year old male would be overlooked in favor of a healthy, strong female half that age.

A sexist belief, to me, would be that male nurses are less nurturing, or something like that.

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I would expect everyone involved in the code to do their assigned part. Regardless of sex (that includes chest compressions)

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Yes, because that would be the same if I requested my female colleagues to do ALL straight caths and foley insertions for me (: .

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I expect the residents to do the chest compressions :laugh:

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